Today's bitcoin price continues to decline and the altcoin market fades a little green.

After falling to 9,800 USD, the price Bitcoin The last 24 hours fluctuated continuously with large intervals. The currency even slipped below $ 9,500 at one point.

Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours
Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours

Bitcoin exchange rate Today (February 18) recorded at 10:00 at US $ 9,746, down 1% from the previous 24 hours. The lowest bitcoin price in the past 24 hours recorded at $ 9,468.

On the market, there are 63/100 leading cryptocurrencies by market value appreciating compared to the last 24 hours.

Overview of the cryptocurrency market
Overview of the cryptocurrency market

In the top 10, there are 8/10 digital currencies that have risen over the past 24 hours.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization
Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

The total market capitalization of the digital currency recorded at 10 am at $ 285.32 billion, up $ 2 billion from the previous 24 hours.

Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies

The volume of 24-hour transactions on the market increased to US $ 183.04 billion, an increase of US $ 10 billion compared to February 17.

Vitalik Buterin talks about Ethereum 2.0, Defi, and the community at ETHDenver

Speaking at the annual ETHDenver event on blockchain at Colora do, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared his vision of decentralized finance, the development of Ethereum 2.0 and the Ethereum community.

In decentralized finance, Buterin insists that it will continue to grow, the simplest product that will have the most users, is price stabilization, artificial assets, decentralized exchanges.

Regarding Ethereum 2.0, he said, “I definitely think Ethereum 2.0 is progressing rapidly and regularly over the past few months.”

Talking about Ethereum's development community, he said that Ethereum could certainly survive with the participation of new researchers. On the community side, he cites test cases of community commentary in decisions.

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“The community can certainly solve (the Ethereum problem), he concludes.

No need for Ripple, MoneyGram makes real-time money transfers

Money transfer giant MoneyGram has just announced a new service that allows real-time money transfer, but this solution does not include Ripple partner.

MoneyGram recently announced FastSend, a new service that allows customers to send money in real time to a phone number via a web service or mobile application. However, according to the company's response to CoinTelegraph, MoneyGram's latest product does not use Ripple's technology.

Kamila Chytil, COO of MoneyGram explains that FastSend uses the Direct Initial Credit Transaction to transfer money to a bank account via top up of debit cards.

He added: “Today, MoneyGram is using Ripple's On-Demand Liquidation product to trade foreign currency at an enterprise level via XRP. This is a non-contact function. This technology is helping to solve the most costly and time-consuming problem in the current process by reducing the amount of money the company needs to be present around the world, which will eventually lead to a reduction in the amount of working capital needed. set ”.

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