Bitcoin price reached 1 million USD

Shark Robert Herjavec firmly believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is a good investment at current prices.

Shark Robert is known as a Canadian businessman and famous TV host Shark Tank. He is a big believer in Bitcoin and e-payment in the future, unlike the billionaire and another shark, Mark Cuban – who has long been skeptical of Bitcoin.

When asked about the analysis that Bitcoin price could reach $ 100,000 or even $ 1 million in interview With Kitco recently, he answered that it was “not too crazy” for him on a long-term basis.

A fragmented industry

Herjavec said one of the main challenges for Bitcoin is the existence of multiple forks.

“Bitcoin is not just one. It has many different types of Bitcoin, and I think that's a bit of the fragmentation industry. ”

There are currently 3 different versions of Bitcoin in the top 10, this shows the level of community split. However, the original Bitcoin still outperformed its “brothers”, accounting for 64% of the total market capitalization.

Gold will disappear

Meanwhile, Herjavec confessed that he didn't like gold. He predicts that this precious metal will not be an economic indicator in the future.

That said, gold is still a strong safe haven asset as its price has recently exploded in anticipation of the corona virus's spread. Bitcoin – still commonly promoted as digital gold, has failed in similar testing recently.

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