Bitcoin price analysis today (November 22, 2018)

Bitcoin price has been trading at $ 9,600 for the past few days, however, a prominent trader just explained how BTC could reach $ 200,000 in the next two years.

A slight pullback has occurred with Bitcoin in recent days, seeing the king drop from a psychological level of $ 10,000.

A trader mentioned the inflation factor of Bitcon and compared it to the inflation target set by the central banks, based on that, he made long-term forecasts for BTC.

BTC can easily jump to $ 200,000 within 2 years!

On his personal twitter page, trader The Moon shared data showing that after BTC went through the next halving event, the Bitcoin inflation rate would drop from the current 3.6% to 1.8%. .

According to him, the majority of central banks set a goal of keeping inflation at 2%, so the inflation of BTC will be lower.

The trader also stated that within the next two years, Bitcoin price could easily reach $ 200,000.

“The #Bitcoin inflation is currently at 3.6% and will remain 1.8% after halving.

This is lower than the 2% inflation target of most central banks.

This is really GIANT!

The price of $ BTC could easily jump to $ 200,000 in the next 2 years! ”

There is no bearish at the moment

Crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe said that he did not see any specific bearish (bearish) signs on BTC's weekly chart at the moment.

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What is happening to BTC right now, he believes, is simply “a corrective move in an uptrend market.”

“I'm looking at the weekly chart (yes, it still has to close) and I don't see any specific bearish signs.

Up to now: It is just an adjustment move in an uptrend market.

Even $ 8,800 is not that bad. ”

Meanwhile, the famous crypto trader Jacob Confield commented that now is the time when Bitcoin price will rise or fall further.

“Long fills the candle wick. It will fly to the sky or it will go to Valhalla like heroes. #bitcoin. ”

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