Craig Wright:

Craig Wright, who claimed to be the author of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, warned Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to stop using the Bitcoin database to avoid potential lawsuits. He stated that both of these networks may violate the law under the terms of the Bitcoin End User License Agreement (EULA) and Bitcoin's MIT License.

In one posts On a recent personal blog, Bitcoin SV (BSV) founder added that he will regain control of the system he created and is ready to fight for his rights this year.

The main argument of Craig Wrights

Wrights argues that distributed Bitcoin data rights are governed by the Copyright, Design and Patent Act 1988 (CDPA) and Copyright and Rights in Database Regulation 1997 (Database Regulation). 1997). Therefore, it should be considered as private property.

Dr. Wright stated that representing a total of 21 million Bitcoins, each divided by 100 million Bitcoins is only a verbal agreement. The author of Bitcoin should have full authority to request this unilateral contract with those nodes for release, in addition:

“As the creator of Bitcoin, I maintain my own rights to any copy of the database created from Genesis in January 2009. I will not relinquish ownership. I will be licensed to it, and ready to participate in a process. “

Since 2018, Craig Wright has been involved in a lawsuit by the family of Dave Kleiman – Wright's late business partner. They allege that after Kleiman's death in 2013, Wright appropriated more than 1 million Bitcoin (BTC) illegally – the amount of BTC that both had mined together during the first years of the money's creation. electronics, as well as some related intellectual property.

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The new trial with Kleiman's case has been postponed until April 17, and the trial will not be held until July 2020. But in any case, it won't take long to find them all. whether these claims are legal or not.

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