Bitcoin Cash was immutable after the hacked information of $ 30 million

Bitcoin Cash altcoin (BCH) has once again become the subject of strong speculation, after a whale investor announced he had been hacked $ 30 million worth of BCH in his wallet.

In one post on Reddit – now deleted, on February 22, an investor, said to be the founder of Dreamhost Josh Jones, said the hacker also took away 1,500 Bitcoin (BTC) worth $ 14.4 million.

Hackers took a total of 45 million USD

The hack is related to Jones' phone SIM. So far, he has not yet confirmed whether it was a SIM fraud or another method.

In a deleted post, Jones expects BCH miners to not validate the transaction. He wrote:

“It only has 3 validation stages, if any community or miner has a way of supporting, please help me. I have a private key. And the reward of course is huge. Please help.”

In this regard, Dovey Wan, co-founder of Primitive Ventures, warning This incident may be more serious than just Jones's personal problem.

Wan asserted that Jones holds a large amount of cryptocurrencies in such a phone, and that the attack was “extremely serious”.

This drama can make BCH “live”.

Ms. Wan added, if the hackers split the money into small sums, dispersing it on the exchanges would be very easy.

“Nothing more, this hack of 60,000 BCH, the dispute between Ver and Jihan, it was all a slow cut at BCH's ambition.”

As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin Cash witnessed many rare incidents during its lifetime, including the 2018 hard fork event, the incident that created Bitcoin SV (BSV).

At the moment, BCH is still not moving after the hack, the price has only moved a little 1% a day and cost $ 373. Since the beginning of the year, the coin has risen 80%.

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