Some time ago, we mentioned about the near future, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit will launch a game token called CNG ( This token will be used in betting projects. And today there has been official information about the start of distributing CNG tokens.

From February 20, 2020, the introductory program will begin. By joining, you can get $ 300 when you register. Moreover, as we mentioned before, they will have 5 levels, allowing active participants to earn a lot. CNG token more and get commissions for referrals with the following conditions:

  • Level 1 – $ 300 CNG and 25% trading commission;
  • Level 2 – $ 100 CNG and 15% trading commission;
  • Level 3 – $ 75 CNG and 10% trading commission;
  • Level 4 – $ 50 CNG and 5% trading commission;
  • Level 5 – $ 25 CNG and 3% trading commission;

An online casino where tokens can be used will be launched in September 2020. One thing we need to keep in mind is that CNG tokens are issued in limited quantities and users are only received through the program. introduction.

In addition, from May 20, 2020, Bitcoin Invest Box (roughly translated: Bitcoin investment Hoppj) will be available on the website, with a total reward of 20 BTC and a daily profit of 0.2% of the deposit amount. .

Besides, the exchange Coinsbit will soon launch a market dealing with goods from Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express, Alibaba, Taobao and Shopify. This means that users can purchase goods with CNB tokens and stablecoins.

Users only need to select any of the products on display Coinsbit Store and pay with digital currencies. The product floor can be anything: equipment, auto products, services, tickets for events and more.

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And in May, BTCU – a fork of Bitcoin – will appear on the cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit. The BTCU fork will be implemented by a company with many years of experience in developing blockchain products. The project will be led by Nikolai Udianskyi, who is in the top 10 Opinion Leader in the field of blockchain.

Blockchain BTCU is based on LPoS mining protocol combined with PoA, and has 20 primary nodes for transaction authentication. At the same time, to avoid network centralization, 10 validators will be identified by the team itself – these will be the authorized blockchain institutions and leading cryptocurrency exchanges that support forks and distribution of them. They will also be technology advisers who will regulate their distribution and development. 10 other validators will be selected by the community.

Using the PoA algorithm to validate transactions will help speed up the processing of the blockchain. The processing speed will be 200 tps with the ability to expand up to 10,000 tps.

And to the user blockchain BTCU Being able to maintain their anonymity in transactions, the development team has added the ability to make private transfers within the network.

The BTCU Fork will take place on May 20 to celebrate the birthday of Coinsbit and will soon appear on other top cryptocurrency exchanges.

When the fork takes place, an airdrop will be conducted. All BTC holders will be guaranteed to receive BTCU tokens at a 1: 1 ratio, based on their BTC balance at the time of the fork and branching from the main network!

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After branching, all users can see in BTCU network a number of BTCU is the same as in the BTC network at the time of branching. And most importantly, to use them, you only need to enter your own addresses into the BTCU network.

The developer said on Bitcointalk that the idea of ​​a decentralized cryptocurrency is to create the best Bitcoin and make Satoshi's dream come true. Members will be able to mine, store and quickly post BTCU their to anyone in the world with very low commission.

It is worth noting that the project's CEO – Nikolai Udianskyi. He is the most successful blockchain businessman according to Hackernoon, former co-founder and former co-owner of Coinsbit – top 10 largest blockchain companies in Asia. Not limited to the cryptocurrency industry, Nikolai Udianskyi founded ASSUR insurance company, the first blockchain investment fund in Ukraine and a residential area for IT developers near Kharkov.

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