Binance Coin soared 12% after the KYC was leaked

As of March 24, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has more than $ 1 billion worth of stablecoins based on ERC-20. This number is quite far beyond the second position of Huobi.

Binance holds up to $ 1,007,585,549 in these stablecoins at the time of writing, the balance has increased to about $ 105,583,132 in the past seven days, according to data from Nansen.

Huobi's balance is just over 50% of Binance – about $ 694,327,505. This number of Huobi represents a growth of $ 165,823,720 over the past seven days.

These two companies are clearly leading the list of stablecoin holding balances. Third place went to Bitfinex – down from $ 66 million to about $ 58,997,388. Meanwhile, Bittrex is in fifth place with about $ 50,927,291.

Binance Dollar's market capitalization surpasses the $ 100 million mark

This news comes after Binance Dollar (BUSD) surpassed the $ 100 million market cap, which is the first time the stablecoin has done so, according to a report published by CoinTelegraph on March 10.

At the time, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, said: “We look forward to seeing more of the power of stable digital assets and our BUSD is one of them – a stablecoin. based on USD approved by NYDFS. ”

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According to CoinTelegraph
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