Best free CDN service for hosting – Hello, my friends walking around some CDN service providers, I suddenly caught up with a free CDN service provider that is quite suitable for those who need a CDN without funding. After I installed it on the website, I felt very great, the speed was impeccable with many outstanding features I will introduce below!

With the width of over 196 countries, your website will be guaranteed stable and fastest access in the world. With bandwidth reduction technology will help your site operate most stable and extremely easy to install and configure! Do not introduce more, let's blog tips to learn the free CDN service that is easy to install!

Best free CDN service for hosting

The service that I am introducing here is called Swarmify and that is the same technology that is applying to my CDN service with many outstanding advantages as follows:

Reducing bandwidth helps your website operate effectively

CDN Swarmify easily added to any website

With CDN is arranged in 196 countries around the world

Using resources directly on hosting should ensure your website structure will not be broken

Applying HiveCache technology

Apply LazyLoad technology…. There are also many other features you can explore during use!

Best free CDN service for hosting

First, visit the link below to register yourself for free CDN services

For a free account that only supports image CDN – but that's more than enough for you to use> Click Try Now

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Best free hosting hosting.png

Enter full information to register> After entering all information Click “Create Account”

best free hosting hosting-1.png

Then you go to the email address to get the login information> After logging into the CDN management page you will see a very simple menu interface> First to install the CDN on the website you do the following> Click the Setup Menu

best free hosting hosting-2.png

Now you will see the installation instructions you can use Code directly but it will be difficult to install for you – If you use WordPress source code, do the following> First copy the API KEY which supplier for you

best free hosting hosting-3.png

Then go to the wordpress admin page and proceed Search for the Plugin named Swarmify and proceed with the normal installation

best free hosting hosting-4.png

And proceed to install the Plugin if not know how to install you can refer to the plugin installation instructions

After installation is complete please Activate Plugin to use> After activation you will see one Menu Swarmify in Setup menu

best free hosting hosting-5.png

Click on the menu and proceed to configure Plugin> First activate the Plugin by Click the Enabled property > Then enter the API KEY that you copy from the Swarmify page > Click Save Settings and enjoy the result!

best free hosting hosting-6.png

Now go to the homepage, try to select an article, why now the image links will switch to the provider's CDN mechanism

best free hosting hosting-7.png

Important note:

If you are using any LazyLoad Plugin, please disable them before using the vendor's CDN because it will cause conflicts because the vendor's CDN has built-in LazyLoad mechanism – It's too great, isn't it? !

In the end nothing more if you feel the article was useful please subscribe blog I regularly update the posts via Email – Thank you very much!

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