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Bellies warehouse ginger is a delicious food, extremely simple processing. Warehouse with constant water dish, rice or dot used to chan cool boiled vegetables. Young ginger fragrant but not warm, very good for digestion as well.

thit ba chi kho gung Thịt ba chỉ kho gừng ấm lòng ngày se lạnh

Bellies warehouse delicious food ginger is extremely attractive.


– Bellies: 400g

– young ginger, garlic

– Top scallions

– roasted white sesame

– Cooking oil, vegetable oil, white pepper roasted,

– Sugar, salt

– Soy sauce, rice vinegar

How to make ginger bacon warehouse

– Bellies select the close abdomen, around the slopes will look better. Cleaning bacon, cut into bite size pieces about 3cm thick. Marinate meat with 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 3 tablespoons vinegar for 15 minutes. (Note: the meat crispy and aromatic vinegar help more, after inventory has little sour dish with the fat will be very harmonious.)

– young ginger cut into thin slices. 3cm cut onions, crushed garlic.

(Ginger Young helped dish fragrant warehouse, not bitter, after not too pungent warehouse and can be eaten too. Ginger may be regarded as non warehouse 1 vegetable, very good for the digestive system.)

– For heating oil in the pot, add 1 tablespoon sugar into the soup until it turns off cockroaches for fried fragrant ginger garlic.

– When the ginger, garlic aroma, the right real fried bacon bunch. Then the invasion of water into the meat surface approximately, turn the warehouse fire about 15 minutes or until water is added to the repository comparator 1 teaspoon white pepper on the aromatic roasted stamping. Turn off heat and scallions in.

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You can decorate with parsley dish or scallions. Note cook until gravy warehouse cockroaches, stained yellow nursery wing, so the new meat and spices soaked with tasty gravy pappy. Eat this dish cold day will bring much rice there!

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