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beef fried chayote shoots are delicious, simple, easy to make, but taste delicious, attractive, suitable for use with daily rice.

bo xao dot su su mrfish Bò xào đọt su su thơm ngon, hấp dẫn


beef fillet: 200 g
chayote shoots premature: 300g
Radish (radish): 4 slices
fresh coconut water: 1/3 cup
Administrative boaro: 1 piece
Peppers green cover
Garlic: 1 tuber
Garlic hash
pepper, sugar, cooking oil
County wedge


– 2mm thin sliced ​​beef, marinated 1 / 3m pepper, garlic 1M, rushes through the 1/2 package Crispy Chicken Fried Aji-quick®Bot, sauté for nine, set aside.

– chayote shoots cut 5cm. Administrative boaro 3cm cut, slice. Sliced ​​beets. Chopped green peppers. Cloves garlic bulbs each small cup, peeled, crushed.


– 2M Heat oil, fry and cloves garlic, fish out to own, continue fried chayote shoots, seasoning Aji-ngon® 1m wedge nuts, 1 / 3m sugar, add beets, 1/3 cup water coconut and stir fry until just cooked ingredients are garlic, and beef boaro stirring. Turn off heat.


– Presentation dish dish, sprinkle with pepper, used hot with rice, soy sauce Lisa, green peppers up to flavor.

Small Tip

Pressure pan seasoned beef after Aji-quick® Crispy Fried Chicken help beef soft, fragrant spices and more absorbent. Preservation of beef in the refrigerator for easy cutting and more tender meat.

300x250 Bò xào đọt su su thơm ngon, hấp dẫn

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