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fresher meal with a salad! Mulberry sauce lightly flavored fatty, sweet sour taste is stimulated, making it easy to eat more salads a lot. With ingredients cabbage, carrots provide more fiber and vitamins, especially the purple cabbage has anti-aging, maintain youth, dishes can be likened to “Banquet” nutrition for all home!

SALAD DÂU TẰM CQC1331 Đẹp da với salad dâu tằm


White cabbage: 100g
Cabbage purple: 100g
Carrots: 100g
quail eggs: 5 results
bacon: 100g
Lettuce: 4 leaf
lemon juice: 1m
mulberry jam: 1.5M


– white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots finely cut fibers dipped in cold water.

– boiled quail eggs, peeled, split.


– Phase sauce: Stir mayonnaise 3M, 1.5M mulberry jam, lemon juice 1m. Private Mix white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots with sauce prepared.

– fiber cut bacon, sautéed to golden, fragrant.


– Display white cabbage, purple carrots and dish, quail eggs around and salad presentation. On spreader bacon. Use as appetizers.

Small Tip

– Do not mix white and red cabbage for cabbage purple color is characterized by loss of color spills of raw materials go together. Sauté bacon grease may help reduce the amount of raw materials and create more attractive aroma

300x250 Đẹp da với salad dâu tằm

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