Battle Simulator Video Shows 1 Million Zombies vs. Medieval Army

A video on YouTube shows what happens when an army of medieval knights take on 1 million zombies in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2. Released for early access on Thursday, the game features many new updates and improvements over its 2017 predecessor, including improved graphics and even more immense battles.

Last year, developer Brilliant Games Studios released the trailer for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 which featured 1.3 million characters fighting on-screen in massive armies ripped right out of a time traveling story while maintaining a smooth 60fps frame rate. Since that trailer, the game was delayed past its initial release window of Fall 2021. On May 12, the Alpha 0.1 version was released on Steam under early access, featuring 5 new maps, 2 different game types, and 19 different unit types.

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YouTube channel Simulator Battles, which presents gameplay footage from both Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator games, posted a video on May 4 which seems to show exactly what the title implies: 1 million zombies against a whole army of medieval foot soldiers and catapults. The video is just under twenty-six minutes and ends in a bloody and decisive victory for the medieval army. Simulator Battles has also featured other videos from Ultimate Epic Battle Sim 2 since this one, including 2 million more zombies against an army of trolls and 1.5 million Romans fighting an army of Nikola Tesla clones.

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While this footage does look promising, there are some who are skeptical whether Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is worth being in early access at all. Many have argued that the practice of early access is ruining games that adopt it, and there are concerns that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is facing similar problems. Numerous flaws have been spotted in the game’s current state, and given the delays it’s been facing, it could be some time before these flaws get addressed.

Although the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator games don’t offer the deepest gameplay or the most stunning visuals ever put to screen, they offer a straightforward and entertaining experience. There’s a singular goal to each game: large, ridiculous battles between forces that would never have encountered each other in real life. Yet after its delay in the fall and its early alpha release, it seems Brilliant Games Studios is wanting to take its time with the development process, which is a good sign considering that so many studios are suffering from overworking their employees and crunching to meet deadlines. Although no official release date has been announced yet, putting the game up for public testing shows that the developer want to continue building on and improving the game while still offering something for the fans.

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Source: Simulator Battles/YouTube

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