I from childhood until now, always been propaganda in the head by his grandfather to the doctor that: No child anywhere devil sir, only where man to man, believe he went, he was 70 years old that do not meet the …

Cây gạo

Yet sometimes chillingly must also, as the guy you talk rice plant at the corner of the garden, because it is adjacent to the streams that nobody heed, my house is not the house he did not, it grows , a beautiful day it fall to grade 9, it passed it and how Senh foot down cross both legs, place the entrance was through the spring, and then the next day to have a foot in the way of his Senh and also cross-legged, cross-legged next month have gradually reviewing more … no one dares to go through that again!

Then one day, the day becomes how sun, overcast unpleasant land, many farmers around there listening to wail, hu hu as a voice without sound, someone crying without tears , coming from the rice plants that, the visual tool tree and said: It’s back again!

Number is in the past, when the instrument was young, sparse house in the village, there is a 3 daughters in that the edge of the stream that, once there is an overflow through which grass bandits, robbed and raped three sisters, and then they hung her up before all three left, the true horror that, when the neighbors found out it was too late!

On the way to the forest through the stream that never again go through the tool, the tool goes another way, and then recently we see it go faster shortcuts, slowly rolls show star!

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From the day there was rice tree, it goes to slowly, rises exactly in the place not under someone, but I can honestly say fried rice timber to do, no one iota crave, and yet it loud self always great …

The said instrument that grows in that tree house her three other female ghost, because injustice accumulate undissolved gas, it was transformed into a tree, the need to do now is not to go through that again or we drug it cheu provoke people live, and not to cut trees do, just let it not hurt ghosts are people, just kidding, but missed cheu hurt!

This year, how tall rice plants are sometimes accelerated by lightning, the old man around it sure did not see nothing else cry!

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