Rumor: Will Starbucks accept payment in Bitcoin in exchange for a stake in Bakkt?

Bakkt has announced a solution to make buying a cup of coffee easier.

Starbucks mobile app users now have a new payment option with the “Bakkt Cash” currency. The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Bakkt's parent company, once announced in August 2018 that the Starbucks coffee giant had plans to make payments in cryptocurrency.

Today, Bakkt president Adam White also announced the integration of payment with Starbucks on Twitter:

Bakkt is currently considered one of the most impressive cryptocurrency solutions. The platform has successfully raised $ 300 million and is still on the road to developing many service applications for digital money.

The capital call came at a time when both the crypto and securities markets were plunging sharply due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. ICE also previously announced its plan to raise more capital to develop application software for Bakkt.

Testing for cryptocurrency payments will still be limited

Although Bakkt Cash will serve all users on the phone app, Mr. White said users need to sign up for the Early Access Program before they can benefit from the integration of the service.

According to some sources, Bakkt also said that the payment solution for cryptocurrencies will only be in beta testing at the moment.

“We are currently doing some testing with our users, with the latest payment method from Bakkt. Customers can also see Bakkt as a payment option, but this is the testing phase. ”

While the Corona epidemic is showing unpredictable signs, Starbucks has now closed all of its direct locations. Accordingly, only the delivery orders can use the payment method mentioned above from Bakkt Cash.

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