Keep copies of all what is in Edit HTML is very important, because you can manipulate wrong, damaged template while editing, return to the previous template instances do not want change … and more importantly do not have to start all over again. Backup before changing contest! 

This you can do is very simple, not time consuming. In the Template | Edit HTML, click Download Full Template. Figure. 


To resume template, or you have a template from somewhere, they may want to use is as follows: Click Browse -> select the template file stored on hard disk (file extension. Xml) and click Restore. 


If the template you can use one or more existing widget (HTML, LinkList, Blog Archive, …) available, you may encounter errors. To fix the error, there are two notable ways: 

How one: Remove all widgets have entered. If the widget is the HTML / JavaScript code you can copy stored temporarily on Notepad, if the other wigdet you have accepted to erase and do it again. 

The two: There is no need to delete the widget was put in, the error message appears identical ID occurs. Example, there are two widgets: HTML1, you just find both this widget either edit widget into HTML2 HTML1 or a certain number does not match the Layout widget (count on it to know), click Save to save Templates again, if you keep getting this error every change ID until no more errors, similar to other widgets. 

In both cases, you may notice is the case delete one or more widget, just click CONFIRM & SAVE (agree and save) you will complete, want to insert, do so later. For example on the picture below: Error Blog Archive for deletion. 

Finally, remember that before making changes on the Edit HTML you must backup precaution. 

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