backlink checking tool will help you no favors competitors or check the website you own backlink? Try to refer to the following tools

Hey guys, separately with the tools SEOer backlink checking tool is never missing from the list of tools should be used, Jam today, so would like to share with you a few tools to help you check your opponent backlink research or our website offline! Note that some tools and some premium free!

Công cụ OpenSiteExplore của Moz

Tool’s OpenSiteExplore Moz

This is a backlink checking tool is powered by Moz, it can also check the free Pro package but it also shows up some links returned.

2. ahrefs (charges)

Công cụ kiểm tra backlink ahrefs

ahrefs backlink checking tool

Of course indispensable ahrefs in this list, in ahrefs you can use right away but you should sign up for an account here to enjoy the full functionality of a Free package offers.

3. OpenLinkProfiler

This tool lets you display more than 200,000 links for each check. When you create a free account will be allowed to download the csv format backlink 100,000. Too good to check yourself and competitor backlink analysis.

4. BackLinkTest

A relatively good tool to check the number of backlinks however it will show a very annoying popup ads when checked.

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5. Site Explorer

It displays the number of backlinks, anchor text to be linked, PR, Alexa, Domain you backlink. See more at

With this tool displays 10 backlink without registering an account, this is a good tool to help check the number of backlinks dofollow or nofollow.

7. MoonSearch

Tools incomplete backlink show very much it resembles more a site review tools help, but then you can use it for inclusion in their strategies.

8. WebMeUp

A backlink analysis tools very well, it helps optimize your strategy by building links it displays up to 1000 backlinks and include the% of anchor text, dofollow, …

9. BackLinkWatch

backlink checking tool in this list is also commonly used tool, it displays ~ 1000 backlinks for each report if I learn not wrong, then this tool provided by the ahrefs.

10. Majesticseo (

Top 5 công cụ kiểm tra Backlink miễn phí

It is a tool SEOmoz SEO pretty good support, but according to information from the developer owns Majestic SEO Pages index levels up to 4000 billion pages, while Open Site Explorer only owns about 159 billion pages.

itself of Majestic SEO is a search engine and index websites. Should the update frequency of the Majestics are almost daily with Fresh Index Index Index and Historic so we appreciated the extent updated regularly and correctly.

11. Rank Signals (

Top 5 công cụ kiểm tra Backlink miễn phí

Rank Signals though not impossible by seniors: Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer … this is a tool for amateur SEOer with rather simple functions, easy to use and set common minimum elements as statistics blacklink, PR of each Backlink and it’s interesting that it can analyze what is the hot Backlink valuable. With the current version can be integrated with Chorme browser to check regularly and of course unlimited access as other prominent tool.

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12. Seo Web Analytics (

Top 5 công cụ kiểm tra Backlink miễn phí

Tool support rather new SEOer much can you know for sure you are not surprised when this service gives you. Separate applications for SEO such as: Web SEO Analysis, URL Analyzer, Backlink Analysis, Backlink Hunter …

13. WebMeUp

A tool checks backlink strategies to optimize your link building swimming it displays up to 1000 backlinks and include the% of anchor text, dofollow, …

And there are many other tools, if you are using more interesting stuff for you know please comment offline!

Will do all thy house into the top seo rumbling!

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