Món khau nhục đang chuẩn bị cho vào nồi ninh nhừ

Save khau humiliation is preparing for the pot stewed

It does me any wedding gifts also Khau Flesh, many say this dish is from China, according to WikiPedia, too!

Tay people that we’re the majority, so the culture of Tay mixed with the people, the culture also spread to the most horrific human experience, called acculturation, and the interference in that I clearly Sewing is the dish most pronounced humiliation or Khau this humiliation!

This dish is delicious, including garlic, black pepper tubers place immediately and, for stewed with meat is browning packages, partial packaging crumpled one guideline for using the toothpick should eat more delicious while packing meat, raw material is the new bacon dishes do this!

Particularly indispensable dish in the dining deck, do not know the Kinh ethnic hired cook, delicious light, this dish including inedible meat like I was chewing the fat as it thundered pole soft and not be bored!

This dish each disk with 6 pieces, enough for one dish, so you only have the opportunity to correct a piece to eat, do not eat the whole meal cost deck!

In every place we do not have this item in the dining deck of the delicious meals she did not, not big, not interesting, the young girls and boys are able to eat, the smell of garlic and place immediately very aromatic tubers, together with spicy pepper spicy, so use chopsticks to pick up the pieces of meat, small cassava and enjoy!

Have you tried this dish before?

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