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As everyone probably already knows AZDIGI is a company run by itself specializing in providing Hosting services specifically optimized for WordPress is appreciated in Vietnam.

In addition to constantly updating new technologies and improving service quality, AZDIGI always wants to do new things to bring different values ​​to the community.

Within the framework of activities at AZDIGI, my side will conduct a regular livestream every Thursday with live / share program to receive gifts directly.

The gifts in the livestream are diverse, including:

  • Onyx Studio 3 bluetooth speaker from the famous Harman Kardon brand, an effective assistant in entertainment after a stressful working session.
  • AZDIGI service discount codes up to 50%.
  • Lucky money to your account at AZDIGI up to 1,000,000 VND and use for all services.
  • There are also bundled gifts such as high quality AZDIGI helmet, USB, wireless mouse, …

The livestream program was opened to create a direct bridge between AZDIGI and customers through fanpage AZDIGI Corporation on Facebook, to increase interaction so AZDIGI can provide useful information to customers as quickly as information on new technologies, promotions, important announcements, ….

Hopefully with this program, in addition to having an interactive activity with customers, AZDIGI is looking forward to receiving more comments to improve the service through this program.

Fanpage AZDIGI: https://www.facebook.com/azdigicorp/

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