Axie Infinity has announced the extremely new feature of “release animals to the forest”, participants will have the opportunity to randomly receive valuable NFTs.

Axie Infinity launches the feature of “liberating” to confess rewards on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2022

On the afternoon of January 20, 2022, the leading Play-to-earn game in the cryptocurrency industry, Axie Infinity, launched a special program to welcome the 2022 Lunar New Year, lasting until February 20. On this occasion, Axie Infinity also implemented a feature that they “incubated since 2018”, which is “released animals to the forest”.

Specifically, Axie Infinity players will be allowed to choose to “release” the Axie NFTs they feel are no longer needed, in return will receive random items that can be displayed in their land. later, once the in-game land feature is implemented.

To release Axie, users just need to visit Axie Marketplace and select their animal. In addition to the usual “Sell”, “Marry” and “Gift” buttons, Axie has updated the “Releasing” feature. After clicking the button, the website will ask the user to connect the Ronin wallet and then choose Axie to drop. Once released, Axie will be irrevocable, and will freely live in the virtual world of Axie Infinity.

After successfully dropping Axie, the user will randomly receive 1 of the 5 rewards below, with the corresponding receiving ratio:

– Fireworks: 35%

– Tet jam box: 35%

– Peach branch: 20%

– Lantern: 9%

– Tiger: 1%

In addition, for each Axie released, players also receive 1 ticket to enter the lucky draw. There will be 3 draws, with corresponding rewards:

– Draw #1: 1 winner, get 5 AOC tokens;

– Draw #2: 10 winners, receive NFT Kitsune items;

– Draw #3: 100 winners, get NFT CoinGecko or Ganbaru CrypTon.

Among the above rewards, the most special is the AOC token, which stands for Axie Origin Coins. For every 5 AOC, the player can create an Origin Axie, with each body part having a 1/18 chance to hit the Mystic rarity. Axies created from AOC will have the ability to have multiple body parts that reach Mystic. Because of the limited supply of AOCs, there will only be a maximum of 4088 Origin Axies, making this one of the rarest and most valuable Axies.

All rewards received can be claimed after the event ends on February 20th.

As of the time of writing, 23,583 Axies have been “released” by 9,535 players worldwide after only 2 hours of implementation, showing that this is a feature that has been warmly welcomed by the Axie community.

Statistics on the number of Axies that were “released to the forest” at 05:30 PM on January 20, 2022

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