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After the end of season 2, entering season 3, players of Auto Chess Mobile have a new ranking mode You are good also known as Double Rank climbing mode.

With this mode, players can climb ranks with their friends, or any teammate. Today I will guide you the basic skills to climb rank by this mode ha.

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#first. About the “Good brothers” ranking regime

Regime You are good had since the first season of the game Auto Chess, but with the form of an entertainment mode.

This mode is included in the ranking match when Season 3 starts and appears next to the old entertainment mode. With this mode, there are many differences compared to the conventional single game mode.

climbing-rank-with-the-brother-brother-angel (5)

Number of players in a round: In a match You are good there will be a total of 8 players divided into 4 teams fighting each other to find a unique winning team.

When playing this mode you can pair with friends or to automatically pair with any other player.

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Interface field: Basically the field still maintains the shape of the chess board. However, on the right hand side of the screen there will be 2 more small chess boxes.

Part HP bar displayed by 2 players on the same team will be placed close to each other and have the same color. In particular, you can see a part of the team playing field on the right edge of the screen.

climbing-rank-with-the-brother-brother-angel (2)

#2. The rules of the game and the points when playing the rank of Good Brothers

First of all, climbing the rank by this mode will affect your rank as no different to the normal ranking mode.

2.1. Order of matches:

climbing-rank-with-the-brother-brother-angel (1)

Unlike other modes, start with 3 sets of monsters, then in mode Anh em thiện lành there will only be one warm-up match. Then you will fight immediately with other opponents.

Other innings still keep the same order as in the basic matches.

2.2. Method of calculating HP and finance:

Your team health is split equally between both of you. Starting at each team, each team will have 180 HP and will reduce it by the loss of both of them combined.

climbing-rank-with-the-brother-brother-angel (3)

The mode of financial calculation in the regime remains the same as the basic game.

2.3. Ability to support teammates:

With 2 small checkers added to the side of the field you can send reinforcements to support your teammates. The sent Heroes can be any hero you own and you can still use them when shared.

climbing-rank-with-the-brother-brother-angel (4)

In addition to the hero, you can also send equipment that you earn to your teammates.

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2.4. Indicators and Hero attributes:

To ensure fairness when climbing the rank, all skill indicators and attributes of the Hero remain the same as when climbing the normal rank.

#### Note !

When you receive your aid you can choose to accept or decline the aid. You can also ask the hero you want with your teammates.

As the number of battles with monsters decreases, the amount of equipment dropped will be less.

Because the amount of blood is divided evenly, when the team fails you will still lose blood.

# 3. Evaluation of the Good Brothers regime

3.1. Advantages:

Although it is a mode to climb rank but still has a high level of entertainment, friends can climb the rank together, so it is fun.

Improve team spirit, cohesion among players.

Improve the ability to master many different squads.

3.2. Defect:

Depends a lot on whether your teammate plays well or not.

Appears a lot of situations gamers escape the game mid-game, affecting teammates.

A one-sided game occurs when both players on the same team are overwhelming.

=> Overall this is a very good and attractive mode, you try to climb the rank with your friends. Try to observe what your teammates need to best help because it is you who help yourself.

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his article on the note when climb the rank of Auto Chess Mobile with the mode of Good brothers.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below. I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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