AUO 480Hz Desktop and Laptop Display Demonstrations

AUO has been demoing some super-fast PC display panels during SID Display Week 2022. As spotted by ComputerBase, we get our first look at a new 24-inch 480Hz desktop monitor and 480Hz laptop display panel. AUO 16-inch Hz. Both displays offer FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels and sub-1ms response times, but are designed with TN (Twisted Nematic) technology.

At 56 seconds, you can see the 24-inch FHD 480 Hz monitor demo, the 16-inch FHD 480 Hz demo follows directly.

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Right now, these are all the specs we have on AUO’s new 480Hz display panels. To recap the key points, both the desktop and laptop panels are FHD resolution, with response times of

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(Image credit: AUO)

We’ve tested several IPS gaming monitors with 360Hz refresh rates, but AUO’s new TN desktop and laptop panels are aimed more squarely at PC gamers who need the fastest possible refresh rates, and the quality imaging is a lower priority. In the video, you can see the desktop monitor demo featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an eSports standard where high refresh rates, low input lag, and fast response times are pursued for competitive advantage.

As we wrote last summer when rumors of these new displays hit the media, designing monitors with the fastest available refresh rates isn’t just about display technology. Monitor manufacturers have to implement high-performance display driver logic to match; image processing units, overdrive processors and timing controllers. Developing these complementary components and obtaining the appropriate semiconductors may not have been easy recently due to chip supply shortages. AUO hasn’t provided any clues on the launch schedules for the 480Hz displays, but with hardware demos at Display Week, partner products with these panels can’t be far behind.

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Other screens displayed on the AUO demo reel include; an ultra-wide AmLED (adaptive mini LED technology) panel with vivid colors and fast refresh rates for gamers and creators, a 16-inch QHD AmLED panel for gaming laptops, laptop panels with integrated cameras to eliminate screen notches or bezels thick tops, ChLC color tablet screens that work without a backlight, and many more.

For a good understanding of the state of play in the PC gaming monitor market, we recommend readers check out our guide to the best gaming monitors for 2022. In the guide, you’ll find monitors with all kinds of panel technologies, sizes and aspect ratios; perhaps one or two will meet all your requirements for a sweet spot.

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