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Cake spicy snack favorite of many people. Cake made from finely grinding manioc tubers, marinated spice, especially for more chili cooked to wheeled pungent, delicious.

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Two, three large cassava tubers

ripe peppers, scallions, lemon tree

Spices: salt, sugar, cooking oil.


Cassava peel, soaked in water for an hour to reduce the resin, wash several times to clean and drain. For grinding cassava on the table (in the countryside, is a piece of aluminum grinding table is pierced with small holes), rough grinding to cassava puree out. Without grater, can cut cassava into small pieces and add to the blender.

After cassava puree, juiced, but not squeeze too dry, for inspection and possible are hand stuffed into blocks cassava, finger pressed to find cassava smooth, with adhesion, not to be is.

Kingfisher radicals trees shredded pulped chopped. Finely chopped green onions. Chilli red pick ripe fruit, finely chopped (to taste chili spicy let in).

For lemongrass, onion, chili into tapioca, add salt, sugar, stir to mix ingredients together. Very little road show, avoid frying time was scorched outside but still undercooked inside.

breaks a little manioc for the hands, bending them and aggressively to create the next map to be able to shape the cake easier. There are many ways shape the spicy bread, washing balls, straightening up or traditionally is on hand roll into short pieces are. Typically, traditional style spicy cake still the most popular. Want to give into the frying pan cakes are beautiful, steps produce very important, if not force fit hand, bread could break off during imaging or time to be crushed into the frying pan.

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Boil cooking oil, the oil is very hot for the hot cakes in (submerged oil cake). Back cakes are hand-fried until the cake is golden brown tan.

Spicy delicious cake especially when cooked to, to keep the viscosity. Not to cake is too yellow, while cold will harden and lose their inherent taste spicy cake.

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