Arma 4 or Reforger? What the Arma Live Event might reveal

Arma 4 or Reforger What the Arma Live Event might

In an upcoming live stream, Arma and DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive would like to present the future of the Arma series. Of course, fans are hoping for the announcements of a new title, but can the dream of Arma 4 or at least Arma: Reforger really come true? Our Arma expert and editor-in-chief Kevin Willing gets to the bottom of this question.

What’s happening? Bohemia Interactive announced last night that there will be a live stream on the future of Arma as early as next Tuesday. The Czech developer has never advertised innovations for Arma 3 in such a pompous manner. Fans therefore believe that this must be the next Arma game. Saying that fans are expecting something “big” only boils the salty pasta water of anticipation further.

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Arma Series Live Stream: Is It Really Arma 4 Or Reforger?

What is Arma Reforger? Fans can certainly imagine what the theory is behind a possible Arma 4. It gets trickier with the question: “What is Reforger?”. Very briefly explained, Arma: Reforger is a leaked project by Bohemia Interactive that, according to those leaks, should appear before Arma 4. Reforger should have the following key features:

  • Cold War setting
  • Return to the first map Everon
  • Exclusively multiplayer
  • First game based entirely on the Enfusion Engine.

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However, the existence of Reforger has never been officially confirmed. Maybe that could happen next Tuesday, May 17, 2022. But does the developer have to work on something? Don’t worry, the studio is busy:

What does Bohemia have in the works? Officially, we don’t know anything about an upcoming Arma game. Nevertheless, the developer has something in the pipeline that will soon be officially awaiting us: the Enfusion Engine, on which all upcoming Czech games will be based. Also in DayZ they have already implemented parts of the engine with update 0.63.

Over the past year you have been able to discover small screenshot snippets on the engine’s website. These picture puzzles are from the new engine and show the map Everon. In the meantime, the screenshots have been presented completely openly by the developer and are fully visible. In the same breath as the images were released, the developers promised to release a playable demo of the Enfusion Engine soon.

Screenshot of the new old map “Everon”.

What is the most likely scenario for the stream?

Most likely, you’ll catch a glimpse of the new Enfusion Engine in the Future of Arma livestream. With a bit of luck, the devs will then provide a demo version of the engine for download and testing at the same time.

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Arma 4 is unlikely to be announced. Looking forward to it can be dangerous. However, a first reveal is not impossible. Arma: Reforger, like the well-known leaker, would be even safer here Biosphere on Twitter Splits.

Leaker shares supposedly real pictures & information

The leaker Biosphere, which is private on Twitter, even shares supposedly real concept art for Reforger. He writes that the setting actually goes back to the Cold War and should be located on the Everon map.

alleged concept art by Arma Reforger (Source: Twitter/Biosphere)

The leaker also wants to know that the new Arma Reforger will be released for PC and Xbox. It remains to be seen what the story is about at the end. We are eagerly awaiting the upcoming future of Arma live stream.

When does it start? As a reminder, the stream will take place on May 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. local time! Follow us so you don’t miss anything Facebook and join our wonderful community in the discord at!

Arma 4 or Reforger What the Arma Live Event might

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