On 8/12 the past, Apple has officially released the iOS 9.2 update – 2nd major update for iOS 9, includes many improvements and patches computer Apple power device.

Apple tung bản cập nhật iOS 9.2 cải tiến và vá lỗi tính năng

The update iOS 9.2

The update iOS 9.2 update offers many improvements and patches support features for applications Safari, Mail Drop, improved Apple music … specifically in this version will include improvements and fix errors and you with a closer look at the following:

  • Improvements Apple Music:
    • Can make even one new playlist as he added one song.
    • Change your most recently added new songs in one playlist will it stay at the top of the list.
    • There may download albums or playlists from iCloud download button immediately using iCloud.
    • The song has been downloaded will be displayed immediately downloaded indicator next to the name.
    • You can see all the information detailed in the browser songs Apple Music basically.
  • Improved Mail Drop can send mail containing a large capacity. Specifically, people can send mail with attachments up to 5GB via iCloud.
  • iBook was supported 3D applications so users can peek and pop up the option to use the application.
  • USB Camera Adapter iPhone support to load images and video.
  • Improved the stability of Safari and Podcasts.
  • Fix bugs can not open attachments in mails when using 3D applications pop open.
  • Fix Live Photos inoperable after performing restore from iCloud.
  • Fix unusable parts search in Contacts.
  • Fixed display of iPad Camera was black when transferred to video.
  • Fix data appear in Health applications.
  • Fix can not update for Wallet.
  • Resolving bugs that some users can not log in to Find My iPhone.
  • Addressing the causes iCloud backup can not be completed.
  • iOS 9.2 includes a number of fixes and improvements related to Safari View Controller, can open a new Safari tab immediately after you click on any one particular link in several applications, …
  • And there are plenty of other improvements to the keyboard device, …
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We can see iOS 9.2 update is actually an improved version and huge patches of Apple for the iPhone, iPad and iPod as the number of issues listed Statistics processor in this update pretty much.

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