APG fiber optic cable “continues to break for the 4th time” in 2019

I look forward to seeing the announcement Broken cable, the international undersea fiber optic cable route APG having problems since yesterday afternoon 12/13/2021.

Therefore, internet traffic will be limited and slower than usual, especially with international connections.

Bright 16/12, representing an Internet service provider (ISP) said that, from December 13, the international undersea fiber optic cable route Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) encountered a problem on the connection direction to Hong Kong (China).

This is one of the five main cable routes connecting the Internet from Vietnam to the world, and the reason is still unclear

broken APG fiber cable for the 4th time in 2019

Surprisingly, the APG undersea cable has just finished fixing the problem that occurred at the end of October on the S3 segment on November 27.

Until this December, it continued to happen, almost every month, so Vietnamese people were quite used to this.

Not only that, at the moment there is still another undersea fiber optic cable line Asia America Gateway (AAG) is also having trouble, has not restored the connection on the route.

Some side information:

The APG (Asia Pacific Gateway – APG) fiber optic cable route has been put into trial operation since the end of October 2016.

And still put into operation officially, from mid-December 2016.

After nearly 4 years of deployment, APG undersea fiber optic cable has been invested by network operators such as VNPT, Viettel, FPT, Telecom, CMC Telecom/

With the hope that it will contribute to bringing stable transmission and greater bandwidth to Vietnamese brothers.

And also reduce the burden on the AAG cable line, which has also encountered many problems.

The APG cable route with a length of 10,400km is going underground in the Pacific Ocean.

The cable has connection points in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. APG is capable of providing maximum bandwidth up to 54 Tbps.

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