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Unlike other types of malware, keyloggers are often not directly harm your computer, but … it will perform steal passwords, account data and your online way the dizzying and you would never have imagined. And I think maybe this is a form of theft favorite of hackers. Okey! Say so, then you have to figure out the main content of this article is nothing, right? Yes ! and in this article we will learn about the keylogger is and how to prevent your computer being installed keystroke loggers. But first you need to understand ….

What is Keylogger?

concept is lengthy, but you just need to understand yourself simply like this: Keylogger software is a “rotating stalk”, which means it will record all operations on the keyboard, even superior to those it will automatically take screenshots Desktop, screen-capture filming …> then, it will burn a log file> and send it on to the log files have installed it. And of course this is the log file that contains all the information that you acted on the keyboard, such as your login and game account, facebook account, bank account … from which the hacker can log on your account is a very easy way.


Keylogger has dangerous?

Actually, keylogger software is an extremely dangerous, because why?

  1. It infects ultrafast computers, auto install and another that does not require installation.
  2. Hard to detect, difficult to remove. Many types of keyloggers very smart, well that programmers must say it is very clever. Because it knew hid itself when necessary. Normal means, you can open the “Process Manager” in the Task Manager to monitor running processes and thus can detect any strange software running on the computer, but that insurance keylogger it will automatically hidden when the user opens the Task Manager and of course you can not be found then. This is when we need to in article 2 of this software ?
  3. Antivirus software is hard to detect, many current antivirus with Keylogger give up.
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=> If said Keylogger is a completely software nor bad, it is bad only when we take advantage for personal benefits for themselves only. But actually Keylogger has very good advantages that instead, I took eg use keylogger to monitor the computer use of their children, you can know that your children use the computer to do what? Play games or learn from it also management measures.

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of Keylogger How it works?

A keylogger programs are created, then normally it will have three main components are:

  1. Control Program: Also called the driver, it is used to coordinate, set up and view the files of keyloggers.
  2. The Hook: Or, it could be used as a Monitor programs to record keystrokes, capture screen (perhaps this is the most important component of keylogger)
  3. Log File: This file contains information that Hook recorded files.

KeyScrambler anti keylogger software on the computer most amazing

You’re asking why I can affirm that KeyScrambler against Keylogger software is the best today? Okey! Read below as you use locust this software will immediately ?

  1. Provides free version for users.
  2. Support for data encryption while you have entered all the characters on the keyboard. For example, you enter text on a keyboard, it will immediately KeyScrambler 1 character encoding into another example is e, 2.4, j …. At this time such as your computer then stick keylogger recorded information it is also wrong.
  3. Data encryption anywhere on your computer, encrypt the web browser, log on to Windows, Gmail, Facebook …
  4. Support on Windows platforms ..
  5. And many other features, you can read more on the homepage of the software.
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Download the latest KeyScrambler

Home software:

KeyScrambler give us 3 version are:

  1. KeyScrambler Personal : This is the free version, only supports encrypted data entered on web browsers. If you are an ordinary user, then perhaps free version is sufficient.
  2. KeyScrambler Professional : The more advanced encryption support on the browser, email client, such as Windows Live Messenger IM software such as LastPass password manager, online games like Steam, WoW ..
  3. KeyScrambler Premium : This is the most advanced, data encryption support in many more environments, is essential for the management server, webmasters … when often must log enter on Bitvise, putty, CuteFTP …

Link download: From the homepage

Tips: Depending on your needs the corresponding version download offline. If you need a Pro or Premium, please like and comment below its side will send you offline. No need to leave the email, simply enter your email in the box is OK Comment!

Manual KeyScrambler

As with other software, the setup is very simple. You double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation> click Next to continue.


Click Agree to agree to their terms of use.


The next step you just press Next > Next whiff. Until now the copyright notice, you enter the code and hit enter OK is finished.


Enable copyright success!


Now the software will ask you to restart your computer to apply the installation process. Please restart the machine if you want to use and always right.

Results here: As you see it in the address bar you are typing is “ ” but was encoded into “ 9z5 = g1mu .” great right you ?

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In addition, you can set up the other display types for software KeyScrambler. You can hide it under Open Taskbar for it also.



Okey! according to my personal assessment, it KeyScrambler is a anti keylogger software coolest until the present time, it does not only work gently, do not spend a lot of system resources, but it also very effective in securing your information. So why do not doubt that even equip your computer anyway, if only the free version also.

Hopefully the article will be useful to you, to wish you success!

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