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Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) – co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital and a famous figure in the cryptocurrency space, stated that he would not buy XRP when asked in an interview with CNN. Pomp has put Bitcoin in a different position than blockchain projects. He thinks that XRP does not have a value that interests him.

Pomp raises Ripple's XRP

Referring to XRP, Pomp said “no” without hesitation. He splits up Bitcoin and other Blockchain projects in two. He simply did not believe they had the same value field.

“No, because in the end I don't think they have the same value. My belief is like: stocks carry value from GDP, revenue and profits, and Bitcoin gains value thanks to technology. ”

Pomp then explained, XRP, Ripple's token, and Ripple itself, a software company, are two very different investments. For example, Ripple labs will have assets like xRapid, xCurrent and XRP as well as profit, cash flow, investment flows in Bitso, Moneygram and many other metrics for pricing. XRP on the other hand is creating nothing but speculative trends.

“Ripple, a technology company is very different from XRP. I think it's a problem for retail investors to buy XRP. They think they are looking at Ripple's financial performance through the price of XRP tokens. But obviously not. If Ripple succeeds, it doesn't mean that XRP will be the same. ”

As an investor, Pomp raised the idea that it would invest in the company's equity interests for profit rather than putting money in some assets such as tokens without seeing the future. intrinsic value. I look forward to investing in something sustainable.

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Half of Pompliano's net worth is Bitcoin

Pompliano ended the interview with a firm assertion that half of the assets he owned were Bitcoin. He said he has even bought more Bitcoin since admitting to the community.

According to Pompliano, an asset needs to have a value store function before discussing other monetary standards such as parity goods or payment units.

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