You are using Windows Mobile phone then why not experience the Android operating system on your phone.

This is not a software emulator or just change the look of Android, which is actually run Android on Windows Mobile phones. In addition to Palm emulator is now running more Android, Windows Mobile again proved its potential strength.

Until this point, Android has run well on multiple lines of HTC Windows Mobile like the HTC Diamond, HTC TouchPro, and HTC Touch HD. Processing speed is equal to G1. The later line is still growing and promising debut in the near future.

Currently, Android running on WinMo project can do what?
  • Do not run two parallel operating system, which through bootload process to boot into Android.
  • Completely run on the memory card should not affect the Windows Mobile operating system.
  • Play calling and messaging.
  • Can use induction.
  • WiFi, 3G.
  • Use the virtual keyboard.
  • Using G-Sensor.
  • Brightness adjustment mode.
  • Listening to music, watching movies.
  • Install applications and games on the Market or the file extension *. Apk.
  • Charge the battery.
  • Each time the user restarts or WinMo still want to store information about calls, messages, applications on Android.
Things to keep in mind before “I love science”

1 – Back up the data on your memory card in addition to PC.

2 – your memory card to FAT32 format.

3 – Turn off Auto adjust backlight in the Setting.

4 – Turn off PIN.

5 – The application or game format *. Apk to copy into the folder AndroidApps. When you first boot into Android will automatically install all the memory card.

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6 – The multimedia file must be copied to the Media folder

7 – The best on the card only contains the file to run Android. The files related to Windows Mobile in the subdirectory should contain in order to avoid errors when bootload.


Since each machine line how to install and set up different, so only guide for three types of HTC Diamond, and Touch HD TouchPro.

1 – Download the compressed file in here

2 – Extract

3 – Copy all files to the root of the memory card. Root structure on the memory card as follows:

conf folder

media directory

AndroidApps directory

directory startups







4-Copy the file in the Startup folder startup.txt (Select the correct line is then rename startups) outside the root directory of the memory card.

5 – Run Haret.exe

6 – Wait bootload process

7 – Welcome to the world of Android.

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