An Xbox Series X Restock is available from Amazon UK (Opens in a new tab) this morning. The console has been notoriously out of stock and out of stock recently, so the fact that the Series X is still on sale is welcome news if you’re looking for this next-gen console – this could be your chance.

As there are plenty of people who are still itching to get their hands on the Xbox Series X, you’ll need to act fast as stock is likely to run out quickly. The console is also eligible for Amazon Prime delivery, meaning you could literally get your hands on your new console as soon as tomorrow.

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Today’s Xbox Series X Restock on Amazon

Xbox Series X Restocking: Hints and Tips

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1. Be Patient: Stock Releases in Waves

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Don’t panic if Xbox Series X stock seems to sell out right away. Retailers often release stock little by little, so you may have another chance before the afternoon is over. While that’s not guaranteed, it’s worth refreshing the page to try your luck.

2. Login and prepare your payment details

The weight of traffic slows sites down at best, let alone when we get advance warning of an Xbox Series X resupply drop. Having your payment details on hand will lessen any chance that you lose your console due to a glitch that forces you to start the transaction all over again.

3. Prioritize packets

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Because individual consoles tend to sell out faster than anything else, we’d recommend keeping an eye out for bundles if possible. Although they are more expensive thanks to the fact that they include the best Xbox Series X accessories or the best Xbox Series X games, they last longer.

4. Do not pay more than the standard price (unless it is a package)

While we understand how tempting it is to accept eBay or social media offers trying to sell your console at an inflated price, never do so. As well as being a possible detour to Scamsville, Xbox Series X reruns are happening more often than ever, so you’ll soon have another chance at a legitimate deal.

Which Xbox should you buy?

Check Xbox Series X Restocks Today

Remember, you’ll want the best screen for your new console, so check out our guides for the best tv for xbox series x Y best xbox x series monitor. It’s also worth taking a look at the upcoming Xbox Series X Black Friday deals to see what’s on the way for console this month.

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