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AMP – What does speeding mobile page do for websites – We carry a computer in our pocket millions of times more advanced than the computer that NASA used in the 1960s. We choose them to have the information requested everywhere, but does it work well?

Not exactly accurate. In fact, the usability and performance we can still be constrained by the way websites are developed. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices are getting more and more useful and are considered to be proof-of-design in the future but that's a thing of the past.

Website optimized for mobile devices is indispensable in the design of any page. Everyone wants to take advantage of the huge amount of traffic from mobile users.

The mobile phone has requested information, but many websites respond very slowly. Adding a heavy mobile design to the web and browsing would be an annoying experience. Mobile experience is very limited in its current state.

That's why Google has begun to work with other publishers and tech companies to better experience mobile on the Internet. Focusing more on improving mobile performance is of great significance. Google works to provide the best platform for content discovery.

So, what is AMP?


Accelerated mobile sites are HTML-encoded websites that are discarded, rejecting unnecessary HTTP requests and everything will make the download speed slower by even a second. This coding language has been named AMP HTML, basically coded with a limited HTML version. AMP pages load what is needed to make them extremely fast. Sites like this cannot occupy more than a few hundred kilobytes.

After Google has the data and indexed it, it puts them into a special AMP to ensure the download is at maximum speed. AMP pages are designed for reliability and speed, so they are much lighter and faster.

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The fast mobile experience not only benefits content creators and publishers, it makes it accessible to readers on the web. So everyone has useful and interesting content very quickly.

The main purpose of Mobile Pages is to accelerate download. Since the project began, more than 600 million AMP documents have been created in 104 languages ​​worldwide.

  • The difference between AMP and non-AMP pages is that everything is removed.
  • No third-party JavaScript is allowed. You will have to choose AMP's JavaScript library.
  • Use a streamlined CSS version.

Benefits of AMP


Here are some of the most important benefits that AMP brings to both publishers and readers.

Content creators and publishing sites will greatly benefit from AMP. Businesses or some other websites will be stripped of their original design, so changing to AMP is not necessarily the best. But if you're running a WordPress site, you can deploy AMP in 5 minutes or less, just by installing the AMP WordPress plugin.

These are the changes that AMP will bring to the website.

AMP pages will load faster

APM brings fast browsing speed to mobile devices. An AMP website loads 4 times faster than an average page, taking less than a second.

Lower data consumption

Bandwidth will be less problematic for webmasters. AMP pages use 10 times less data than usual.

AMP analysis

The more we track users and optimize the website, the better. That's why AMP has data like new and returning visitors, video link tracking, clicks or conversions, etc.

Better user experience


Speed ​​is an essential aspect of a good UX. Downloading websites instantly will increase user participation. About 30% of customers want websites to load in less than a second and about 75% will close or click away if the site takes more than 5 seconds to load completely.

AMP articles will have an AMP symbol and they will load immediately when they click on it.

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Better search engine ranking

Google has been supporting responsive websites and download speeds for a number of years now. APM makes the website more relevant to mobile devices and increases its download speed, eventually bringing it to a better position in the SERPs. Therefore, AMP pages will be rewarded with higher rankings than slower sites.

Advertising support

The AMP project will serve ads and make the content look good and appealing to users.

How it works?


As mentioned AMP will make the code as bare as possible. It includes the following:

AMP HTML – is a shortened version of HTML and has restrictions on the use of tags, unique properties for it. When you know how to use HTML, you will understand how it works and convert it to AMP HTML.

AMP CDN – which will host AMP support pages and download faster. It is automatically done by Google when the website has been crawled and indexed.

AMP JS – JavaScript is what makes pages much slower. This JavaScript framework is created for mobile pages. AMP JS manages asynchronous load and handles resources. Moreover, AMP doesn't allow any third-party JavaScript, so there's no need for a customer form or comment on the page and you'll have to remove the element you've ever had. If you want to implement AMP, you must remove your website design elements.

CSS – AMP sites are styled with CSS, but cannot reference external style sheets. You cannot use some types because they will reduce performance. That is why styles are in the head of a document.

AMP implements special elements to handle multimedia content. You will have to have the amp-img element when you add the image and have to add a clear width and height to it.

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Animated GIFs with amp-anim components and videos made with amp-videos. If you want to implement YouTube videos, go ahead with the amp-youtube component. You can check out the extension at the official website.

If you want to deploy AMP on a site other than WordPress, follow the instructions available on the official AMP project page.

Making money from AMP site is also made easy because it is compatible with the most popular Ad Networks like:

  • Adform
  • DotAndAds
  • Google Adsense
  • AOL AdTech
  • Google Doubleclick
  • Flite
  • Adform
  • Taboola
  • Smart AdServer
  • Productivity
  • plista

Tracking users is also quite simple; You keep track of where users are coming from and what pages they have viewed. AMP has analytical tools to help you research every aspect of the AMP site.

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Right now, deploying AMP into your website is still an option. Doing so will take away the essential design of the page and will have to rethink the style you are using. AMP is the best technology to create websites that are suitable for mobile devices.

WordPress publishers deploy AMP more easily and have a much more efficient mobile experience. It will increase search rankings in one way or another. Accelerated mobile sites will also impact mobile interactions on social networks.

Upgrading speed with AMP makes for better visibility for their organic page. It will increase search engine rankings and traffic. Users will be happy with your fast loading pages.

We hope that you enjoyed reading through this article and you have found lots of useful information!

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