Trek to Yomi Chapter 4 offers several Stamina Upgrades, items that can help Hiroki perform better in combat against the new enemy type, the Tainted.

Chapter 4 of Trek to Yomi features a total of twenty Collectables hidden throughout the level’s diverse areas. These Collectables include 10 Artifacts, 2 Health Upgrades, 2 Stamina Upgrades, 2 Bo-Shuriken Capacity Upgrades, and a Quiver Capacity Upgrade. The first Artifact, Onyudo, can be found atop a table at the second cage near the Old Woman NPC in Trek to Yomi. Continue onward into the village with the first checkpoint and enter the first house on the left to find Artifact 2, Noppera-Bo. The first Health Upgrade can also be found near the path right of the first village bonfire.

After defeating the Samurai miniboss in Chapter 4, head to the bottom-left pavilion near the third checkpoint to find Artifact 3, Otoroshi. Continue walking to the left to find a hidden forest trail leading to the first Stamina Upgrade. Next, players must fight several Blighted and Tainted soldiers to reach a watermill building. Enter inside to find Hitotsume Kozo, the fourth Artifact, sitting to the right of a ladder. Finally, ascend to the wooden catwalk above to discover the second Stamina Upgrade in the far right corner.

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Once players get past a large face-shaped sculpture and several more Tainted encounters in Trek to Yomi Chapter 4, they must go down the path facing toward the camera view until reaching a waterfall. Then, push down the tree to cross the gap and acquire the fifth Artifact, Yurei, and the third Stamina Upgrade.

Every Artifact & Upgrade In Chapter 4 Of Trek To Yomi

Finding Artifacts Upgrades In Chapter 4 Of Trek To Yomi

Uwan, the sixth Artifact, can be found on a corpse to the left of the vine-covered bridge battle. If players go through the nearby home on the right, the passage will lead them to a small dock with the second Health Upgrade. Next, Trek To Yomi fans will discover the seventh Artifact, Nuppeppo, beside a large cage located on the left path in the following area after the fisher house. Finally, the fourth Stamina Upgrade can be found near a Tainted in a boat in the area where Hiroki sees a phantom of Aiko.

After defeating Morimitsu, head down the trail past the giant torii gate in Trek To Yomi and take the first left. At the end of the wooden path, players will discover the fifth Stamina Upgrade and the first Bo-Shuriken Capacity Upgrade. The eighth Artifact, Inugami, can be found beside the elevated home beside the next checkpoint. Next, head into the home to locate the only Quiver Capacity Upgrade in Chapter 4. The second Bo-Shuriken Capacity Upgrade can be found at the top of the fishing village’s lookout tower, next to its giant brazier. Next, the ninth Artifact, Ushi-Oni, can be found in the area to the right of the collapsing bridge sequence. The final Artifact can be found on a crate after exiting the village before Chapter 4’s boss in Trek to Yomi.

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Trek to Yomi is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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