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Have you ever used or the search software to activate the alarm on a Windows computer or not? If you are looking for a software with such features, then perhaps this is the article for you. This might sound like a myth, because few people to use computers to alarm both ? right. However, setting the alarm, there are many different purposes, you do not wake up timer, you can still set a time to go to sleep also, or are timed to remind a certain job ?

Say happy that’s all, the software can see the cool new features and back again to their free sharing what you need. Yes! Software would like to introduce myself to you that’s Alarm Clock.

Tips: Alarm Alarm Clock can in case your computer is turned off or in Sleep Hirberate offline. Shutdown the computer longer necessarily the case, then we have not tested ?

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Introduction Alarm software Alarm Clock

True to its name, the main features of this software is to create an alarm and alerts you. This is a small program that supports free and does not require installation of the user. This is the main interface of the Alarm Clock, simple is not it ?


To create a new alarm, you do turn as shown below:

  1. Click Add
  2. Set the alarm time.
  3. Select dates will alarm, you can choose any day or choose all is well.
  4. Write a note or an alarm notification.
  5. Select when an alarm sounds, or you can click on Browse .. and find the music that you like.
  6. Click OK to agree.
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If you want to edit, then tap the alarm alarm time that you want to edit and click Alarm and select Edit as shown below.


Alternatively, you can go to Options to establish a few other features. It’s simple like that!


Download the latest Alarm Clock

link from the home page (the Setup): Download
Portable Alarm Clock Version: Link Cnet / Link Softpedia


OK! Simple like that, anyway this article I want to show you one software on the computer alarm compact, convenient, and most useful when you use the Windows operating system. Hopefully the article will be useful to you, to wish you success!

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