recently began to appear rumors of plans to ship products ahead of Apple’s iPad may launch Air 3 in March 2016 and both the iPhone 7 thereafter .

Tin đồn ra mắt iPad Air 3 vào tháng 3 năm 2016

Air Rumors iPad 3 to launch in March 2016

According to the latest analysis from the Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo KGI, he pointed out that the likely Apple will launch iPad Air 3 new products in about March 2016.

The most surprising thing in this analysis report is that it emphasizes that iPad 3 will not have Air 3D touch features as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Kuo pointed out that the main cause of the 3D touch will not have to stream next-generation iPad Air is because Apple can not currently provide enough components for 3D applications for the iPad Air series will come Upcoming workshops. So the possibility is high that the Air iPad 3 if it is launched properly 3/2016 month will not have 3D touch.

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Normally, Apple has released the iPad new product lines by the end of the year. But this year was different, Apple has launched the iPad Pro simultaneously and 2 phone lines 6s iPhone, iPhone Plus 6s. So should Kuo affirms sure Air iPad 3 will be released in March next year.

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Part of this analysis also mentioned that Apple will launch the iPhone 7 3D touch in September 2016- year is forecast to have the frame structure and the same technology as the iPhone 6s. However, detailed parameters of the design features of the iPhone 7 is still a speculation, the lack of certainty.

The rumors about the launch iPad 3 in Air in March 2016, or about 7 launch iPhone in September 2016 but has not been confirmed but Apple exact capabilities are still quite large . Everyone please join us for more information and offline!

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