now, bloggers are able to make money through two extremely popular form information, which is engaged shortened link advertising take money and engage in sales through Affiliate Program, these two forms are similar to each other, just different destination alone!

Rút gọn đường link, kiếm tiền trực tuyến

Archive link, make money online

The way to make money by shortened link, you’ll also toss around with purpose link the user clicks on the ad and then view and then to the link destination, the Affiliate Program, the purpose also is to make users then click on the link to the product, buy it through your link and receive a commission!

Both forms, there are forms of participation in Affiliate Program is the money a whole lot more, with advertising through the link shortened lucky, you get $ 5 / day, that called much and reviews, but with the Affiliate program, you can earn a lot more, because it extracts per cent commission on purchases, it does not count as hits shortened link!

There are currently shortened link program is the most popular, with adfly you can achieve $ 1/1000 impressions, also known as dirt flowing out, but then if you reach your Affiliate 1000 visits access via the link, make sure you are extremely successful because, who purchase through access relatively large number, not to mention they do not buy now or buy the next day, the percentage split is also relatively large!

I just saw through Affiliate mirror enrichment rather than see any blatant guy that said Zhuo for the service through shortened link!

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So, if you are looking to make money online, select Affiliate instead of shortened link!

See also earn money by or list of affiliate networks operating in Vietnam!

shared a few things to you, to wish you success!

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