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Adsense tips

What are Adsense high CPC Keywords?

So, the Adsense high CPC Keywords are such keywords that are going to attract high CPC Ads and fetch you more revenue. There are people who make as high as $1000 with just a click. Now imagine, what could be their revenue on a monthly basis?
And, all you need is such keywords getting ranked on search results and you will start flooding your blog with a lot of money. And, similarly, if you are getting a very low CPC you are going to make only a few bucks. But, if your content has some high CPC ads it will display a few ads and you will make a lot of money. And, the type of ad depends upon what type of content you have on your blog. So, if you aim to get ranked for Adsense high CPC keywords, you are going to get high revenue too. So, the real question is how to find Adsense high CPC Keywords?

Here are some high CPC Keywords

Insurance $59 CPC

Gas/Electricity $57 CPC

Loans $50 CPC

Mortgage $44 CPC

Attorney $48 CPC

Lawyer $43 CPC

Donate $42 CPC

Conference Call $42 CPC

Degree $40 CPC

Credit $38 CPC

Treatment $37 CPC

Software $35 CPC

Classes $35 CPC

Recovery $34 CPC

Trading $33 CPC

Rehab $33 CPC

Hosting $31 CPC

Transfer $29 CPC

Cord Blood $27 CPC

Claim $25 CPC