Overview of Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets Group was founded in 2001, is a large corporation, providing financial services to customers around the globe. The investment companies of this group are operating under the brand name Admiral Markets, which are reputable brokers in the forex trading market, CFDs and are licensed by the most prestigious management agencies. The world, in which Admiral Markets Pty Ltd is headquartered in Australia, is a brokerage firm that provides direct services to Vietnamese investors, which is licensed and controlled by ASIC – the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investment in Australia, license number 410681. The other two companies are established in England and Cyprus, licensed by FCA and CySEC, the license numbers are 595450 and 201/13 respectively.

Admiral Markets is one of the very few forex platforms licensed by all three of the world's leading reputable regulatory agencies, investors can open their accounts here and feel secure about their account security. .

In addition, Admiral Markets is committed to segregating clients' accounts and depositing them in Australian, St. Bank banks. George Bank (Westpac Banking Corporation).

In this article, we will assess the trading conditions at Admiral Markets Pty Ltd, a broker that provides direct services to Vietnamese traders. With transparent and reputable legal information, if the conditions assessed below are suitable for investment needs, you can safely open a trading account at this exchange.

Trading products

Admiral Markets offers a wide range of trading products, the most popular financial assets in the market such as forex, metals, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds, ETFs and electricity. At the same time, almost fully met the needs of investors.

  • Forex: includes 47 currency pairs, including exotic pairs, which are made up of a major currency and a currency from a small or emerging economy, such as USD / TRY, EUR / SEK …
  • Metal: Admiral Markets allows trading of 5 metals, including gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium.
  • Goods: energy and agricultural products are the two main commodities. Energy includes Brent (UK), WTI (US) and Nature. Agricultural commodities include coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and orange juice. Crude oil and agricultural commodities are traded under both spot CFDs and futures CFDs.
  • Index: provide 19 cash indices and 24 futures indices, some famous indices such as DJ30, DAX30, JP225, NQ100 …
  • Share: 3367 stocks from 16 stock exchanges worldwide, an enormous amount.
  • ETF (Portfolio Exchange Fund): including 383 ETFs
  • Bonds: investors are allowed to trade 2 types of bonds, one is German (10-year Germany Bund) and one is American (10-year US Treasury Note), both of which are traded through CFD. future.
  • Cryptocurrencies: including 22 cryptocurrency pairs – fiat currency (USD, EUR) and 10 coin / coin pairs, of which all coins are paired with Bitcoin.
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Trading Account

Admiral Markets offers investors three types of accounts: Admiral.Markets, Admiral.Prime and Admiral.MT5. All 3 types of accounts are suitable for small investors, not experienced to professional investors, different in a few trading conditions, you can choose the account that best suits you. via the comparison table below.

Of the three types of accounts, Admiral.Markets is the most open account at the exchange, this is a standard account, especially suitable for new investors, good trading conditions and low commission. Best.

Trading platform

MT4 and MT5 are 2 basic trading software offered at the exchange. These are also the two most widely used platforms worldwide. Only with MT4 or MT5, you can trade with basic to advanced features, maximum support for chart analysis tools, friendly interface, easy to use, bring to investors. from the best experiences.

Some features on MT4 software:

  • 3 types of price charts and 9 time frames
  • 4 types of pending orders
  • More than 50 technical indicators and chart analysis tools
  • System of EAs and ability to test strategies
  • Provide daily news

MT5 software was born later, designed on the basis of MT4 and developed some new features such as:

  • 21 time frames
  • 6 types of pending orders
  • Nearly 80 technical indicators and chart analysis support tools
  • Economic calendar
  • Express the market depth

Both MT4 and MT5 are used on many devices such as computers, phones, ipad and directly on the web. In addition, trading on MetaTrader's software allows investors to use all the great services from the MQL5 Community platform.

In addition, Admiral Markets offers its customers the version of MetaTrader Surpreme, which will be integrated into MT4 or MT5, including many outstanding features, enhancing the customer experience.

The two most prominent features and tools on MetaTrader Surpreme are the Trading Central technical analysis indicator and the Global Opinion utility.

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Trading Central: is a set of technical analysis combined with advanced opinion analysis, helping traders control investments and optimize strategies. Trading Central also provides excellent buy and sell signals, enabling traders to find the best trading opportunities.

Global Opinion: this utility helps harness the power of news psychology across the market, reducing the time and effort spent on daily news research. In addition, this utility also provides a very useful tool, which is Market Alerts, which will display new trading ideas that are often difficult to identify. by traditional methods, suitable for all levels of investors. This tool makes it easy to select trading ideas and select them to highlight the signals that best suit each person's style and needs.

Another analytics tool that Admiral Markets has for its clients is Premium Analytics. This tool is free to use on the customer's personal management page. Investors can update market news, technical analysis, economic calendar and market sentiment indicators compiled by many global economic and financial organizations such as Dow Jones, Trading Central and Acuity.

Leverage, commission and spread


Admiral Markets only allows investors to trade with a maximum leverage ratio of 1: 500, this is not a low rate, however, compared to many forex brokers, this ratio is only at an average level. , when the highest leverage currently used is up to 1: several thousand.

The leverage also depends on the type of product and the balance on the account.

Forex, indices, gold, silver and crude oil are the products that use the highest leverage ratio of 1: 500, the remaining products are lower and specifically as follows:

  • Copper, platinum, palladium: 1: 100
  • Agricultural goods 1:50
  • Stocks and cryptocurrencies are 1: 5

With the dependence of leverage on the account balance, Admiral Markets also has quite detailed rules for each product type. You can learn more fully about margin requirements for each type of product by account balance on the website of the exchange.


Admiral Markets charges commission on some products for all 3 types of accounts.

  • Admiral.Markets accounts: from $ 0.01 per share and ETF
  • Admiral.Prime account:

+ Forex and metals: from 1.8 – 3 $ per 1 lot

+ Cash index: 0.05 – 3 $ per 1 lot

+ Energy: 1 $ per 1 lot

  • Admiral.MT5 account: from $ 0.01 per share and ETF
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The commission fees at Admiral Markets are ranked among the lowest on the market.


This forex broker provides an average difference from the general level of the market. Spreads on Admiral.Markets and Admiral.MT5 accounts are almost the same.

The table above is the average spread (pip) of some major forex pairs. At times when the market is volatile, spreads will expand, however, it is the general situation of most exchanges but generally the spread at Admiral Markets for most of the trading time under normal market conditions is low.

Forms of deposit and withdrawal

There are many types of deposits and withdrawals supported by Admiral Markets for its customers such as Wire Transfer International, Visa / Master cards, Bank amount, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, Poli e-wallet, Rapid Transfer , Trustly …

With top-up transactions, all channels are free of charge, instant deposit processing time, except from Wire Transfer is from 1 to 3 working days.

In addition to Wire Transfer, the remaining channels require minimum and maximum deposits, in which, Vietnamese bank transfer via Ngan Luong only requires a minimum deposit of 25,000 VND, Visa / Master cards is 50 $ …

Summary of pros and cons


  • Licensed by reputable regulatory agencies
  • Diverse trading products, thoroughly meet the needs of traders
  • Good trading platform, lots of analytical support tools
  • Low commission fee
  • Spread at average
  • Livechat works 24/5, good support, enthusiastic


  • High minimum deposit, does not support traders with little capital.
  • Low maximum leverage ratio

As a reputable forex broker, you can feel secure when opening a trading account at this broker. By reviewing the conditions and trading platforms at Admiral Markets, hopefully you will choose the account that best suits your capabilities, capital and needs.

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Author: Tin Nguyen

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