You might want to add a custom automatic signature below each of your blog posts. This would be more useful if you are running a Team Blog with multiple authors. You can use unique signatures for each author.The same can be done on a single author blog also 🙂

Adding Signature to Single Author / Multi Author Blogger Blogs

1. Create a Signature using Photoshop or some online Generators like My Live Signature 

2. Upload this signature image to blogger.Once its uploaded hit preview and copy the image location(Note down the URL of the image).

3.Now Go to Layout > Edit HTML and Expand your Widget Templates

4.Now Find

div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>

If you cant find it then try finding this one

p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>

or this one


a) If you are using a Single author blog, paste the following code below the code you found


Code should be edited with your signature image URL

b) If you are on a Team Blog, paste the following code just below the code you found


If you have more number of authors, you can repeat the blocks accordingly(here i have mentioned 2 blocks[blue and brown] one for each of the two authors).Codes should be edited with the author names and the signature image  URLs.

If you want the Signature to appear on your Blog’s main page as well, then you will have to remove those 2 red lines of code.

5.Save your template and you should see the signature in action 🙂

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