Facebook has just launched their latest “Like” button to developers to use on any site. What this does is utilizes the Advertising module to add the “Like” button to the first post of each thread. Please see screenshots to get an idea.

Cách 1:
In your Admin CP go to Advertising > New Ad > Choose “Thread” from the dropdown and then select the first thread box. Give it a title (I called mine FB Like) leave “First Post Content” at default and paste in this code:


Be sure to change YOURSITE.com to your URL including your forum.

The VBSEO team has instructions on how to make this work for their product here http://www.vbseo.com/f2/facebook-lik…95/#post265997

Cách 2:
(different from above, do not use together) will show at top, see screenshot #3

In Postbit (or legacy) find:

        {vb:raw ad_location.thread_first_post_content}

Add this after:

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