Add email recipients and newsletters with WordPressAdding newsletters to WordPress is a great idea, as long as you get people to opt in to it. Without giving visitors a reason, they are less likely to sign up.

You have hundreds of thousands of visitors but only three or four on the mailing list. That's why you want to add email participants to the newsletter in the best ways.

Below, I share some of the most effective methods to get people to opt into that mailing system and then improve accessibility.

Never underestimate the value of email lists

Email lists help spread the organization when engaging the target audience. Although there's no doubt that someone just needs to delete the email without reading the email content, the ability to attract someone's attention is worth the effort.

After all, email is still the most effective, most used online marketing method. Empower your email marketing strategy to improve interaction from the people who receive messages from you.

Here are some of the most effective methods for adding email and newsletter selections I've found with WordPress. Find the people who work best with the brand and strategy you need.

Opt in to advertise


Many website owners will start with a pop-up screen that attracts new visitors. The effective method with this is something like Icegram. This is a popup builder that works with many WordPress newsletter plugins.

Icegram has loads of features to join, which is why it is an essential plugin at WordPress for many developers.

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You set a popup to launch to help first time visitors, take time or exit the website. You will see this method being used on countless websites today for a good reason: it works.

Just make sure you're not too uncomfortable with this popup. It prevents visitors from returning.

The opt-in buttons A / B test

Sometimes, the simple task is to change the call button to action to select the mailing list to increase the level of interaction. In fact, about 85% of people have a certain product because of color.

The way you do this is by running A / B tests at Google Analytics. You keep track of which pages of certain colors are most effective to maintain your audience and opt-in strategy.

When you discover which one is more effective, you keep it permanent. However, it probably won't hurt to test another color in the future.

It's all about refining the strategy until you find the perfect combination.

Test Button Copy


Colors are not the only thing that changes whether visitors sign up to the mailing list or not. Sometimes, even the text itself inspires customer action.

Of course, this also works with text links. You should run several different tests to find the most effective words that convert visitors into subscribers.

Size, font, text color and more all contribute to the impact if one person chooses to join the email list. List text is quite easy to run. Just change the link font or button style and follow the results.

Keep the registration simple

If you really want to drive your opt-in strategy, keep the process simple. Adding too many fields to the form makes the experience seem more difficult also prevents visitors from signing up.

It is a bit like the checkout process. Many people will abandon the cart if the check takes too long. The end result is lost sales.


The same thing is said about the opt-in mailing list opt-in process.

You want to have viable content strategy information, but you don't want to burden people who just want to be added to the list.

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Share newsletter or Email lists everywhere

Website is not the only place you can access potential subscribers. You can easily promote your opt-in mailing list at sites other than Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

Using social media Buffer, Hootsuite or SproutSocial, you attract a wide audience by sharing the registration form page at multiple social sites. It only takes a little time.

The opt-in link is at the end of Post


When visitors read the content, why not promote the newsletter or signup form at the end. You can use the simple link to the registration form or add an attractive button to make the element clearer on the page.

Regardless of how you add the opt-in method at the end, make sure you use the call to action. This is when you encourage readers to subscribe by saying something like:

Sign up today and get more information delivered to your inbox.

Have you considered using email to promote email opt-in? Many mailing applications available give you the opportunity to include a hyperlink at the email page, which you then use to target the registration page.

This has the potential to turn your messages into new subscribers. Every letter you send to your activity increases your opt-in rate, especially for those who send lots of daily emails.

Keep the website clean

Whether you're creating landing pages for opting in or creating posts, you want to limit distractions. For example, you don't want the opt-in form of mailing lists on landing pages to focus on product sales.

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In many cases, one person or the other will suffer because it distracts visitors.

Keep pages and forms clear about what draws visitor attention from the basic purpose.

Express your testimonials


Testimonials from previous customers help attract new people. This is because many people trust the opinions of others on most marketing strategies.

For example, you add an authentication slider that rotates near the website opt-in button, which inspires trust in visitors.

Testimonials are effective tools that most businesses including them stand out on. Proud to them when using the call to action to sign up for mailing lists.

Lock content with unregistered users


The common method of getting a lot of opt-in mailing list opting out is by using content locking. This is when you mostly hide the website from unregistered users.

Content locking is a common practice, especially in news outlets. That's a way to encourage people to opt in or pay with premium access. It's a great way to create mailing lists, especially if you have great content.

Plugins like Members & Content Restrictions help set up something like this quickly and easily.

Provide them with reasons for opting in or signing up

A lot of people out there will not be updated from you often. This greatly broadens the reach, keeping the brand in the minds of consumers. But you need to provide them with the reason for doing so.

Practice the opt-in strategy that works best for you.

How do you get users to opt-in to mailing lists? What is the most effective method you use to engage your audience?

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