Add custom fields to comments in WordPressWant to add custom fields to comments in WordPress? The comments section invites visitors to talk to each other and leave valuable feedback you can use to improve the website. WordPress comes with integrated commenting ready to go. It has four default fields including comment, name, email and website.

While these are more than enough, there are web developers who want to add their own custom fields in the comments. As always at WordPress, there are plugins that do that. Next, I will say how to add a comment custom field at WordPress using the WordPress Comments Field plugin.

Why do you need to add custom fields to comments in WordPress?


It is a common complaint from visitors that they don't want to enter too much information to just leave a comment. However, the required field helps prevent spam bots from leaving comments at WordPress. Of course, there are other ways to prevent spam comments like using CAPTCHA in WordPress.

The difficulty comes with finding the perfect balance between too much or just enough. Creating your own custom field needed for the comment section helps you find that perfect balance. It helps you collect more information about visitors when blocking spam comments.

What other information am I being asked to? You can do whatever you want, but keep it simple. For example, asking for a Facebook page link gives you the advantage of finding visitors on Facebook, but actually a lot of work for someone who just wants to leave a comment.

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As a general rule, make sure it takes no more than 30 seconds to fill in the comment field. If it takes too long, you no longer comment.

How to add custom fields to comments in WordPress

For this article, I will demonstrate how to add a custom comment field in WordPress using the Comments Fields plugin. This plugin agrees to you to customize the comments section field. Not only can you add traditional text boxes, you also have additional radio options or options. Having uncommon requests to leave a comment is a great way to prevent spam bots from leaving comments.

Install WordPress Comment Fields

Starting from clicking on the plugin, select Add new in the left panel.


Find Comment Fields in the box provided, it will pull a useful plugin.


Once you find the WordPress Comment Fields plugin, click on the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin to use it.


In the admin panel on the left, click the review field. This will pull up the main settings.


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Add custom comment fields in WordPress

This plugin is very simple to use. Click on the comments field tab.


The plugin offers four options for adding to the comment field. These include check boxes, radio inputs, checkboxes and traditional text inputs. Click and drag the option you want into the box on the right.


You can drag multiple fields into the box. You will need to fill in information for each field. The information needed depends on the option you choose to use. The title is what visitors will see when they look at the field. Be sure to make it clear.

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Once you've filled in all the information, click the button to save all changes.


Log out of your account, then visit the comments to see the custom fields you have added.


Congratulations, you have successfully added a custom field to the WordPress comment section. You can add all custom fields to the comment section now. You can add more or remove them at any time.


No matter how many custom fields you add to the comments, it doesn't mean you should. In the beginning, you will definitely notice that most of the comments you get will be spam. As the website grows, a lot of real comments will appear, but if you have trouble leaving a comment, don't expect much.

Let's face it, most people don't want to spend an extra minute filling out forms or surveys. They will not take a minute to fill out the information to leave a simple comment. Make the process simple to get the best results.

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