Donate Button for personal websites and blogs are first introduced by the PayPal. But few months ago PayPal Donate button in some countries like India has been stopped working. Donate button is a grate way to get some small gifts in form of cash from your blog lovers. I was also shocked when i get known this because i was also using Donate buttons on couples of blogs and websites, and was receiving few dollars every months.  With the stop of PayPal Donate Button that income was also stopped. But don’t worry Google cares everyone, and now they are offering a facility to add a Donate button on your blogs and websites. The Google introduced this button  with the name Support Button.
The Payment Gateway is the one of the most securest way, is Google Checkout. So there is no any problem to install this button. The widget is specially launched for Blogspot users but the WordPress users can also take benefit of this Support Button. If you want to install Google Checkout support button on your Blog you just need a Google Checkout Merchant Account. If you don’t have any than you can create one at Important points should have to remember while using Support Button.
  • Signup for Google Checkout Merchant account at link mentioned above.
  • Be sure to enable the HTML API by going to the Settings tab, clicking the integration link and un-checking the “My company will only post digitally signed carts” checkbox. Also, copy the Merchant Id for use in step 5.
  • Back in Blogger, on the Design | Page Elements tab click “add a gadget” where you wish to place the Support gadget.
  • Add the “Support My Blog” gadget from the gadget gallery.
  • Customize your support button settings. The Checkout Merchant Id is the one you copied down in step two. Save and you’re done!
After installing this widget your supporters can support your blog by donating the small amounts to your blog by using their credit cards, etc.. with Google Checkout. If you are using blogger then you can directly install this widget from “Add Gadgets” then Then add “Support My Blog” gadget. Its very simple and profitable for your blog.
Google Checkout is not available for some locations hence you can’t use this if your country in not located in the drop down menu at Signup page. I strongly recommend toadd this widget to your blogspot blogs and generate some extra income in form of support gifts. For any help feel free to ask.
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