Every day there are thousands of websites you visit and the session page views, however, it is not they are the same, can you see the results in Google Analytics we have almost the same, but in the report it will be completely different!

Số lần xem trang luôn là số lớn nhất

Pageviews is always the largest number of

Sessions access

Sessions accessing the site displays the number of times the first of a session, if the user access to the other sites, the number of visitor sessions do not count anymore!

We often have access sessions back, the old client and the new client, they will be counted as every 10 minutes or 12 hours or more, if you go back to the old hotel (returning visiter).


Whenever customers redirect from one page to another page, the page views will be measuring the total number of page views!


Client Access and A> Page B> C> Exit


  1. The session is 1, the page view is 3
  2. Taking on page B: Session 0, 1 page views

In the report of Google Analytics will say this more clearly!

Using indicators like?

For some sessions, we know how many objects in a website today, the number of visits, we know every day how many pages users view!

Sessions are often worth more than the number of page visits, but the number of page visits to the website shown higher quality, keep the user to stay, as many versions of your website show up top, but as many page visits your website, it proves interesting for them to stay, this rate influenced bounce rate bounce rate pages!

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I wish you success!

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