If you are looking for a compact control panel that requires moderate configuration but can meet the criteria of smoothness and stability, aaPanel is a suggestion you can refer to. Let’s join seo marketing to the article below to learn what aaPanel is and how to install aaPanel for VPS in the simplest way.

What is aaPanel?

aaPanel is a free control panel that allows users to manage the server with a simple GUI interface. Especially, through aaPanel, you can easily install a web server running LNMP/LAMP model with just a few simple steps.

What is aaPanel?
What is aaPanel?

If you have heard about BAOTA Panel – a famous free hosting control developed in China. aaPanel is the internationalized version of BAOTA Panel. This version was born with the purpose of simplifying the installation and administration of VPS and web servers, making it easy for users to access and use to develop applications without having to pay too much attention to the system. system.

Although aaPanel is relatively new (only developed to version 1.1.0) and has fewer features than BAOTA Panel, aaPanel is still recommended because this control panel is constantly being updated with many useful features.

What is the function of aaPanel?

Because aaPanel is quite new, it only supports users with some of the most basic functions such as web management, Database, FTP and File.

Operating System – The operating system (OS) of aaPanel is also quite complete, including: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora. However, you should note that the OS must be Pure and Clean (ie new and clean) and have never installed software or platforms like PHP/Apache/NGINX/MySQL. In addition, to run aaPanel, the minimum configuration that needs to be met is a VPS with 128MB RAM, 1 core CPU. It is best to have 512MB RAM configuration and this Panel only takes 10Mb to ensure stable operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of aaPanel

aaPanel is a relatively new control panel, so besides the outstanding advantages, certain disadvantages will inevitably exist. Here are the typical advantages and disadvantages of aaPanel that you can refer to:


  • aaPanel is quite light, you only need a Linux VPS with 512MB of RAM to be able to use it.
  • Users can install aaPanel and use it easily with just a few simple mouse clicks.
  • aaPanel allows you to intervene, edit PHP or Webserver configuration directly on the interface quickly.
  • Through the App Store library with built-in software, you can install Redis, Memcached, Google Drive, … with just one click.
  • Allows users to manage files through File Manager with a friendly, beautiful interface, and supports a simple and convenient code editor.
  • Allow web backup to Google Drive, FTP, Amazon S3,…
  • aaPanel has a relatively large user community, so you can join to search for documentation and find help and support.
Pros and cons of aaPanel
Pros and cons of aaPanel


Besides the above outstanding advantages, aaPanel still has certain disadvantages such as:

  • The pre-configuration for MySQL/MariaDB is a bit high, so it often happens that MySQL shuts down by itself but cannot be restarted. Once there, you can go into the setup area of ​​MySQL/MariaDB and configure a lower level to prevent this from happening.
  • aaPanel does not yet support user authorization, you can only access the control panel through a single account. This is a disadvantage that causes many inconveniences and needs to be overcome of aaPanel.
  • aaPanel is only suitable for VPS with low configuration, less error-prone but powerful enough for personal use. For higher configurations, you need to find another control panel service.

How to install aaPanel for VPS

Currently, aaPanel supports most operating systems, most operating systems have similar installation methods and the steps are quite simple.

Before starting to install aaPanel, you need to meet the following VPS/Server conditions:

  • The amount of RAM should be 512MB or more. However, for the system to operate most stably, RAM should be from 768MB.
  • The operating system requirements are as follows: Ubuntu 16.04+, CentOS 7.1+, Debian 9.0+ and the operating system does not have any webserver or control panel software installed.

Step 1: Enter the command suitable for each operating system separately

After logging into the VPS via SSH, you need to make sure the access is Root. If not, you can run the command ssh [email protected] or sudo su. Then, depending on the operating system, you can copy and paste the corresponding command line:


yum install -y wget && wget -O install.sh http://www.aapanel.com/script/install_6.0_en.sh && bash install.sh


wget -O install.sh http://www.aapanel.com/script/install-ubuntu_6.0_en.sh && sudo bash install.sh


wget -O install.sh http://www.aapanel.com/script/install-ubuntu_6.0_en.sh && bash install.sh

Once the installation is done, there will be a completion message and you can now go to step 2.

Step 2: Sign in

After the above step, the system will ask you for some information and you just need to type y and yes as below to continue the installation:

Do you want to install aaPanel to the /www directory now?(y/n): y

Do you need to enable the panel SSl ? (yes/n): yes

At this point, the installation will continue. You just need to wait for a few minutes, the system will provide you with login information to the aaPanel you just installed when the process is finished.

Save the login information again and go to the browser with that information to install the webserver.

Step 3: Choose the type of webserver and install aaPanel

The first time you log in to aaPanel, this control panel will ask you to select the type of webserver you want to install.

Choose the type of webserver that suits your needs. However, to ensure stable and optimal operation, you should use the LNMP suite (Linux + NGINX + MySQL + PHP-FPM) with versions: NGINX – TEngine 2.2, MySQL MariaDB 10.2 Method: Fast and PHP 7.2 (this part you can install later)

Then you click One-click Install to open the settings interface. During the installation process, keep the installation window intact to monitor the progress. Usually, you need to wait from 20 to 40 minutes to complete this process.

Click on One-click Install
Click on One-click Install

After you press the . button One-click Install the installation interface will be displayed. You can keep the window open to see the installation progress. Installation may take 20 – 40 minutes depending on network status.

Step 4: Install the necessary modules

After installing aaPanel, you can install some other necessary modules by accessing the App Store, searching and installing with just one click.

Some useful modules you can refer to would be:

Compare aaPanel with DirectAdmin

Below is a comparison table of two factors such as: friendliness, cost and popularity of the two control panels aaPanel and DirectAdmin. You can refer to it for convenience before going to the use option:

DirectAdmin aaPanel
Friendly, easy to useDirectAdmin is the easiest control panel to use today.aaPanel is a simple yet powerful control panel for linux servers. With aaPanel, you can easily install with just a few mouse clicks on the software or enviroment LNMP/LAMP/OpenLiteSpeed
PriceFrom 2 to 29$/month depending on the packageFree of charge
PopularityDirectAdmin has a higher popularity than aaPanel, in which DirectAdmin’s highest rated outstanding service is VPS.aaPanel is relatively new and not as popular as DirectAdmin
ProposeDirectAdmin has been recommended by some platforms like Reddit with the comment as “How to deploy Mastadon on a 3x decentralized cloud”.There are no recommendations from reputable platforms like Reddit, HackerNews and some others about aaPanel

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With DirectAdmin, you can manage all your resources efficiently and easily, including domains, email, web applications, and databases.

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Above is some basic information about aaPanel and how to install aaPanel. In general, aaPanel will be a suggestion for those who are looking for control panel to make personal web hosting because of its compactness, smoothness and stable performance. Also, do not forget to share this article for everyone to refer to.

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