Every day, users have more than 100 billion searches on Google, not to mention on the internal search engine Search web content like Yahoo or Bing.com, so can not we are losing many opportunities if not the top Google?

Bản kế hoạch kinh doanh

SEO is one of the ways for businesses to reach users most quickly, most convenient, general public now also wish one of your information is always on top of a keyword 1 something!

SEO has many advantages for business development, you can refer to this article for further clarification, but SEO is not the only way for businesses, we need to separate themselves to reduce dependence on something!

Hey, we have Facebook or Twitter right? I call it social networking, we will need to reach customers directly on it, Fanpage is a wonderful that we can do on Facebook, Fanpage helps connect the company’s existing customers and reach out potential customers, advertising on Facebook Fanpage also suffer nothing at all!

Youtube Or as we have it, especially for those businesses related to cosmetics or beauty products, the products in this review may attract thousands of buyers, but at the same time, do not joke, so SEO sometimes is not all!

proper SEO is to bring more benefits to the enterprise, however, depends on the SEO would be a risk, for try as the story I have told before, now’s your boy dead tooth wrinkle because SEO lags Google changes the algorithm, it, too risky!

Owning a Mailing List is Foursquare? To assess a client email campaigns for or Email Marketing is easy, by anyone at any email address by clicking on the link we know best, so many tests and they broke out pretty well see the email marketing work with a certain number of items, and the price is cheap only then, of course, it’s also bad luck like you passing out flyers on the street so, play, every play, every reader who can read, not related to them they also leave!

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Thus, a business wants a good and sustainable development on the Internet, use it as a sales and marketing channels we will have:

1. Join the Youtube to reach customers over here

2. Lap increase opportunities Fanpage on Facebook

3. Owning a mailing list to send email

4. Instagram or Pinterest involved in, this one in Vietnam to no avail, but could enlist unfortunately later it exploded!

5. Still enlist SEO

I know a lot of you are day and night selling on Facebook that rolls need SEO, or top or anything, it would be great because Facebook changed algorithm matter sun, nature is still nature! If you depend on Google, once it changes, very tired, keywords relegation, lost customers, lost so much there!

I wish you a nice day!

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