Online survey taking is one of the many ways people make money online. Reason being, it is quick, easy, free, and requires no commitment. Similar to taking a printed survey, all it requires is your opinion. The only expense really is that it requires your time. Fortunately for the Internet, everything can be done over the web. How online survey taking came to exist today, is one of the great blessings of business competition.
How is this all possible?
Market research is valuable in the eyes of large businesses and corporations. This is why millions are spent in advertising and market research every year. Simply put, large corporations want to see what the broad majority (consumers) are interested in, time and time again. Thus, they funnel their money and cooperate with reputable survey panels like, Opinion Outpost, to receive their valuable market research information. Because of this, it creates an opportunity where both parties, the survey taker and the company, benefits. As long as competition exists, survey taking isn’t going anywhere. Survey taking is becoming more and more accepted as a source for receiving additional income in today’s technological culture.
Benefits of becoming a survey taker
Another cool aspect about becoming a survey taker is that sometimes they even give you free certificates and even merchandises that aren’t even released yet. Some survey panels even have drawing boards for chances to win up to $5,000 just for being an active survey taker. Best of all, being a survey taker is absolutely free, flexible, and requirements no commitment. What this means is that you can take surveys whenever, where ever, at any time you choose to do them. Some survey panels even organize focus groups where you can actually participate among other survey takers and exam the products yourself in real life. Generally, members who participate in these focus groups get compensated top dollar for their time. The benefits of being an active survey taker are simply endless.
Below are just some of the top survey panels in the industry that actually pays their survey takers.
  • Each site has been individually tested
  • Sites that I’ve received a paycheck from are listed only
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Survey Panels Payment Method Frequency Sweepstakes Payout Per Survey Become a Member
Opinion Outpost Check Awesome $750 $3 – $50 Join
My Survey Paypal, Rewards Great $10,000 $1 – $30 Join
Global Test Market Check Great $500 $5 – $50 Join
Valued Opinions Check Not Bad Prizes $3 – $15 Join
NPD Consumer Panel Check Okay $1,000 $5 – $30 Join
Zoom Panel Paypal, Rewards Awesome $1,000 $1-$20 Join
Vindale Research Check Good Prizes $5 – $75 Join
My View Check Great $1,000 $1 – $20 Join
Cash Crate Check Fair Prizes $1 – $30 Join
Ipsos I-Say Check Okay Prizes $3 – $30 Join
Toluna Check Great $2,500 $1 – $10 Join
Survey Savvy Check Bad $500 $3 – $10 Join
Minds Pay Check Great None $5 – $75 Join
Panda Research Check Good Prizes $3 – $35 Join
Cada Cabeza Check Great Prizes $5 – $35 Join
American Consumer Panel Check Fair None $5 – $15 Join

Survey Panels Regions Outside the US
Global Test Market CanadaUnited KingdomAustralia GermanyNetherlands
Valued Opinions Canada
Opinion Outpost United KingdomCanadaHispanic
Lightspeed Panel Canada
Ipsos I-Say SwedenNorwayFinland
NPD Canada
My Survey IrelandUnited KingdomSwedenSweden
Toluna United KingdomAustraliaGermanyIreland
I’ll continue to list some of the most commonly known paid survey panels that I use, that anyone can participate in for free here. Remember, I will only list legitimate survey panels here that I have used before so be sure to bookmark this and check back for new opportunities frequently.
Realize this is a team effort. Certain sites are subject to change over time so if you see something that should be modified, feel free to drop a comment through th
e comment box below.
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