Currently the segment of affiliate marketing in Vietnam is still very attractive.

More and more businesses have realized the importance of affiliate marketing. Therefore they are actively participating in affiliate marketing networks.

Today's article I will guide you to set up a personal website to make money from affiliate marketing from A-Z.

The article is aimed at those who are not proficient in creating websites, using WordPress.

The model that I guide is making a authority site. Simply put, a website is themed.

Often people who create websites making money from affiliate marketing only focus on making website discount codes.

I see a lot of website array done. Moreover, updating discount codes is also a bit hard. Although AccessTrade has released a plugin that automatically retrieves discount codes.

I recommend you choose to make a website by topic. On this website you can still add discount codes for e-commerce sites.

The advantage of making a themed website you can control the commission that the website can create. Because you will focus on promoting products with high commission of 200k-300k as Civi party.

I don't like to show off my income. But today I have set a record of nearly 1k for civi network. Hopefully this will help you to gain motivation and confidence in your local affiliate marketing.

Proof of civi income

Also make pure discount website code if unfortunately users all buy some low-value items like salt sauce on some e-commerce sites. Then I asked you to earn more than 1 million must be quite hard. And running ads, the risk of loss is quite high.

No more verbose. Let's embark on creating websites to make money from affiliate marketing.

How to create a personal website

1. Choose a standard SEO domain name

How to choose your domain name has instructions. You refer here.

You should buy the domain name and hosting at two different providers.

First talk about buying a domain name, you should buy it at NameCheap. You refer to the discount code here.

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I had a tutorial on buying a domain name at NameCheap. But for convenience, I will guide from the beginning.

Step 1: Go to and enter the domain name you want to register. Because of making a demo, I chose a .info domain name for cheap. You should choose .com domain as explained in how to choose a domain name.

Add domain names to cart. Click the View Cart button.

Create a personal website to make money 1

Here I choose the domain name .info should have maximum discounts. No need to enter discount codes anymore. Click the Confirm Order button to continue

Create a personal website to make money 2

Step 2: If you do not have an account, select an account. Otherwise login with your account.

Create a personal website to make money 3

Step 3: After logging in, select PayPal to proceed with payment.

Create a personal website to make money 4

2. Add the domain name to CloudFlare

I recommend that you use Cloudflare DNS to manage the domain name as explained here.

Go Create a free account if you haven't already

Create a personal website to make money 5

Click on the link Add Site in the upper right corner.

Create a personal website to make money 6

Enter your domain. Click the Begin Scan button.

Create a personal website to make money 7

As soon as the scan is complete, click Continue Setup to continue.

You will see a list of the domain's default DNS records when purchased at NameCheap as shown below:

Create a personal website to make money 8

You turn off yourself the yellow cloud. Because we will buy hosting with Asian location, there is no need to use Cloudflare CDN. (Refer to the article How to use Cloudflare DNS)

Second, you will delete all records except the first two.

After fixing it, like this:

Below you turn Fort your domain name. The photo is a bit wrong.

Create a personal website to make money 9

Click the Continue button to continue. The next screen you choose Free Website.

Create a personal website to make money 10

Click the button tiếp tục to continue.

Cloudflare requires that you change the Nameserver on the domain management page to use its value:

Create a personal website to make money 11

Go to the domain name management screen at NameCheap. In the NAMESERVERS section, choose Custom DNS.

Create a personal website to make money 12

Enter 2 values ​​that CloudFlare provides for you. Paste the value you clicked on the green tick button.

Create a personal website to make money 13

Do not rush to access the website now

3. Buy a quality hosting service

Talking about quality hosting but cheap, it is difficult for any provider to pass HawkHost. (See reviews here.)

Go to You will notice a popup offering 30% discount code. If you do not see you can get the discount code you updated here.

Create a personal website to make money 14

Click the Get Started button to start buying hosting. Choose the 3rd option. Enter the domain name. Click the Use button.

Create a personal website to make money 15

Choose a one-year payment plan. The location you should choose is Hong Kong. This location has both the best speed of return to Vietnam and is less affected by cable breaks.

Create a personal website to make money 16

Remove the 25% discount code. Use the 30% lifetime discount code or the first 40% bill you like.

Creating a personal website to make money 17

For example, I use a 30% discount code for a lifetime. Price is only $ 33.52 / year. If you register for two years, it will decrease a little more.

Create a personal website to make money 18

Click Checkout. Then create an account. Select PayPal to pay.

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Typically it will take reputation that HawkHost will complete installing hosting services for you. If you see it long, you can open tickets to urge them to do it quickly.

You will receive an email with the subject type like New Account Information Contains login information for cPanel.

4. Point the domain to hosting HawkHost

First, find the IP address of the HawkHost hosting you just installed.

Login to cPanel. Click on Zone Editor

Create a personal website to make money 19

Click on the Manage button. On the next screen you will see the IP like this;

Create a personal website to make money 20

Sign in to Cloudflare to edit A records using this IP address:

Create a personal website to make money 29

At this time you should not rush to access the website. Be patient and finish the last step.

Go send and receive emails by domain name such as You should not use HawkHost's email service. Instead you use Yandex as a guide here Or Zoho as directed here.

5. Install WordPress, themes and plugins

Log into HawkHost's cPanel. We will use Softaculous to install WordPress website

Click on the WordPress icon.

Create personal websites to make money 22

Click on the button Install.

Create a personal website to make money 23

Part Software Setup You choose as below. Note the In Directory section you leave it blank.

Create a personal website to make money 24

You enter the Site Settings section to suit your website.

Create a personal website to make money 25

For Admin Account, enter your admin account. Choose to install the login restriction plugin. Scroll down and click on the Install button.

Create a personal website to make money 26

At this point, you have finished installing the WordPress website.

Create a personal website to make money 27

Click on the admin page link to log in to the website.

You can now install the theme and the plugin.

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Read more: Plugin required for WordPress

A few plugins suggest you install:

Read more: WordPress Affiliate Plugin should use

Regarding the WordPres theme for affiliate marketing, I suggest you choose Theme Junkie and Happy Themes providers.

Check website speed with theme Revenue from HappyThemes. Everything is OK

Create a personal website to make money 32
Create a personal website to earn money 33

Test results with Pingdom. Note that I have moved HawKhost to the US location because I need to do overseas markets for a main site on this package.

There are some things you need to do after installing WordPress

A. Switch the language into Vietnamese

Go Settings -> General select language into Vietnamese again. In addition, readjust Timezone to Vietnam. Click the Save Changes button to save the configuration

Create a personal website to make money 30

b. Update the profile

Go Members -> Profile your. Update your profile. By default the username will be the display name. This is not very secure. You should change.

Also you should update your profile picture for a professional.

c. Change static paths for SEO standards

You go to Settings -> Path. Select Post title. Then save the configuration.

Create a personal website to make money 31

Read more: How to create SEO friendly URLs in WordPress

d. Create a sitemap and install Google Analytics

This part I have the article. Refer to how to create XML Sitemap and reference Google Analytics for WordPress installation.

6. Sign up to join affiliate marketing networks / programs

Before you embark on joining affiliate marketing networks / programs, you need to create dozens of quality articles.

There are currently a number of major marketing networks / programs in Vietnam you should join:

That is all. And do not ignore the top affiliate marketing network that is helping me earn over 1k from MMO.

You have learned how to create a personal website to make money from A to Z.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below. Do not forget to share if you find the article helpful.

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