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Once a girl who hated the kitchen, hated cooking, it is surprising that until now Thanh Huyen owns a pastry shop with a journey of more than 10 years of conquering her passion.

The first step in the journey of baking

Recalling the journey of more than 10 years of learning and conquering the baking business, Nguyen Thanh Huyen (Hanoi) is still excited and emotional. Originally, she doesn’t like to talk too much about herself, but with what she has, Thanh Huyen wants to spread motivation to people with the same passion.

The cake girl shared with Emdep.vn: “I never thought I would enter the kitchen or become a special position in the kitchen. I hate the kitchen, I hate cooking.”


Nguyen Thanh Huyen has been in love with baking since high school.

Huyen feels that she is extremely clumsy, so every time she steps into the kitchen, she is lost and scared. The fate between baking and a girl who hates to cook rekindled at the beginning of 12th grade, her best friend asked Huyen to help make cakes for her lover.

After many urgent requests from her friend, Thanh Huyen pursed her lips into the kitchen and started trying to make fruit cakes. The girl went to youtube to watch more Joyofbaking clips, perhaps because the novelty made Huyen flutter, curious and decided to make cakes with her friends.

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Mini bento cake size 10cm, the first products, created a small fever in mid-2020.

Her first cakes were baked in a small corner of the room, with a 10-liter oven and a few tools and ingredients for making cakes that the two of them bought together. It is also not easy to complete, the 2 girls struggled, pouring hundreds of new batches of successful cakes.

From the cake given to her lover, relatives and friends, Thanh Huyen and her friend then started to make the first orders with chiffon cakes/cupcakes. After nearly a year of selling cakes with close friends, Huyen decided to separate and make her own because she felt that she no longer shared the same opinion.


Bento cake minisize Huyen starts selling from mid-2020.

She rekindled the idea of ​​​​building an online bakery, the girl did not hesitate to choose the name Hyn’s Corner with a purple background cat logo. Huyen said: “I don’t think far, that one day he will actually become the chef of a bakery… Simply because I am in love with purple, love cats, and because he only makes cakes in a small corner of the room on the 3rd floor. “.

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Korean-style cakes have recently had many eye-catching styles at the bakery.

Leaving high school to go to university, Thanh Huyen studied while working part-time. With a small amount of money earned from other freelance jobs and previous taobao business, Huyen bought a 36l oven, a small shelf, and a philips hand beater to start realizing her dream.

Instead of selling on her personal Facebook or setting up a page, Huyen decided to start her bakery on the Instagram platform, the reason she gave was just because she liked taking photos and posting photos on it. From 2012-2013, not many Vietnamese people used this application, but fortunately the orders kept coming. To meet the demand, in addition to the station, Huyen does more: tiramisu, ice cream, red Thai green tea, cookies…

In 2014, Huyen bought an 80l oven, a refrigerator and borrowed her mother to buy a Kitchenaid artisan – a desktop egg beater. Around the same time, she started recruiting the first kitchen assistant and was transferred to a cake maker in a larger corner of the room, with a wooden table and a stone table for making cakes.


During her college years, Huyen worked as a freelancer while studying and trying to maintain a bakery. At one point, Thanh Huyen was also confused about what he wanted to do in the future, who he wanted to be.

“I like to draw, like to take pictures, like to make handmade things, like to bake, like to do business, like makeup, like to do events and also work in these fields. I try to break out of the cake to work in many different fields, experience more, and look forward to seeing who I love and want to be. But every day when he comes home from work, even though he is very tired, he still hides in the corner of his room to make cakes.”Huyen realized.

After a few years of selling cakes online, Huyen has built up a large number of customers. In the end, the girl decided to follow the “karma” of cake seriously with the enthusiastic support of friends, colleagues and teachers, but her parents did not.


Being naughty with colors is Thanh Huyen’s happiness.

Thanh Huyen confided: “My parents wanted me to follow my mother’s major, become a language teacher, and even have a job ready when I graduate. I encountered strong opposition from family and relatives.”

Without any support or encouragement, Thanh Huyen quietly went to work to save money, stopped from the cake for nearly 2 years to try to specialize in other fields to prove herself capable. After becoming financially independent, she is also more confident to follow her passion.

Finally, in 2018, the girl also received a nod from her parents, with one condition that she still had to do it under the supervision of the family. The longing for a small tea shop in every dream has finally come true. Thanh Huyen has the first staff team with 4 children and many difficulties to face.


Icing cookies 2021 Christmas.

In the midst of the fiercely competitive cake market, she doesn’t know which cake line she should follow to gain a foothold, baking seems to still be a side job, Huyen still has to try to do the freelance jobs that are ahead of her. That will be enough to maintain the bakery.

The turning point of the baking industry

The progress started in mid-2019, Huyen suddenly received a special order. The order from a kpop fan made a cake model that she had never seen before. Huyen recalls: “Perhaps this is the big turning point of her life, following that cake sample, the girl can see the whole world of strange cakes and touch the bottom of her heart. The cakes are not fussy but still colorful, gentle and delicate. I found my old self, free to roam with colors, with brushes and flying.”


The cake of fate led Huyen to the Korean cake style.

However, the simple, beautiful Korean-style cake did not receive positive feedback from customers. Huyen received criticism that the cake was too monotonous, bland… Only a few supported, she still persisted in that style and was considered monotonous.

Times changed, Thanh Huyen’s efforts and stubbornness at that time paid off. A year later, simple cakes started to become a trend, Huyen Nguyen Thang stepped up and started trying to make impossibly small 10cm mini cakes and learned some more advanced cake techniques: icing cookies, macarons. “It’s about time that people pay more attention to and appreciate their products.”


At the end of 2020 – the beginning of 2021, Hyn has a small studio kitchen specializing in shooting products and classes.

Huyen practices is a “teacher” dedicated to teaching baking for generations with the same passion. Seeing the staff gradually become proficient through her instruction, Huyen realized: “Ah!… It turns out that the feeling of guiding someone wholeheartedly, and then being successful, is so wonderful and so proud.”

The more you teach, the more you know, the better your skills, and the more attractive opportunities gradually open up with Thanh Huyen. She decided to give up all the jobs she used to receive before, just to focus on teaching and baking, and decorating cakes. Thanks to the cake, Huyen has changed a lot, from a brute, hot-tempered, unruly girl, to a patient and high-endurance person.



Icing cookies conquered by Huyen comes from a love of painting.

Once she hated the kitchen, Huyen loved the kitchen much more, she began to cook happily when she received the encouragement and compliments of the staff. The opportunities to meet and interact with many good people, learn many interesting things, make Huyen’s dream stronger.

Recalling the cramped corner of the room when she opened the shop, now she has become a cake shop owner with a team of over 10 members, a master craftsman in a bakery, a cake teacher. The 10-year journey with Huyen is a long one, she always appreciates and is grateful to her partner who has accompanied and supported her bakery.

Phuong Nga

Photo: NVCC

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