9 Ways To Improve Impression Share When Running Google Ads

As one of the main metrics of Google ads, Impression ratio shows the % of your ads that actually appear, especially with Google Search and Google Display, it directly affects clicks (ad clicks) and conversions (conversions).

Therefore, almost every business wants to improve this index.

Every time an ad is shown on the Search Network (Google Search Network) or the Display Network (GDN), it records an impression. In Google Ads, impression share works at different levels, including the ad group, campaign, and keyword levels.

Google looks at ad auctions throughout the day, including various factors like ad quality, before estimating impression share for each ad.

In this article, we will suggest you…

9 Ways to improve impression share when running Google Ads ads

1. Focus on Advertising Quality

impression rate - ad quality

Better quality ads will get more interactions. By focusing on quality score, you can improve many components of your ad, like keywords, content, targeting.

As you prepare everything, you will see the ads gradually get better, garnering more impressions and clicks.

2. Use Multiple Keyword Match Types

impression share - keyword match

Ads must be relevant to attract quality traffic. Using broad match keywords risks wasting money on irrelevant clicks. However, broad match shows more than phrase match, and phrase match shows more on its own than exact match.

Combine match types to get good impression share and understand search query (keyphrase users type to search)

3. Negative Keywords Are Saviors

impression share - negative keywords

But what about all the extraneous clicks? It’s true that focusing too much on broad match leads to wasted spend, but that’s where negative keywords come in handy.

But what to do when there are many unrelated clicks? It is true that using broad match leads to a waste of money. It’s time to apply negative keywords

By using negative keywords as a filter, your ads will be shown to fewer search queries. However, you can actually earn a higher impression share because the ad is only seen by more qualified users.

This is better for ad performance and improves the quality score of which the ad rank will increase, thus generating more impressions for the same cost.

4. Keyword Bid Increase

impression share - keyword bid

By spending more on keywords, you increase your ad’s chances of winning in auctions. This is not a long-term strategy unless you have an unlimited budget, but it does produce some good results in the short term.

5. Learn More About Accelerated Ad Delivery

impression share - accelerated ad delivery

Google Ads cannot guarantee that your ad will be displayed in a timely manner. So, by considering this option in your campaign settings, you can speed up your ads showing faster and more.

When you choose to accelerate, the budget you set will be used up for sure. If you know how to take advantage, this feature is quite useful for those with a modest budget. Because you can get more impressions during the hot hours of the day, when a lot of people are online.

6. Use Location Targeting

impression share - Location Targeting

Impression share auctions can help you increase your ad impressions. Placement targeting allows you to choose the placements where you want your ads to appear. There are 3 options, the higher the location, the more expensive the cost. Based on that, Google Ads will automatically bid to show ads:

  • Absolute top spot (1)
  • Top (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Anywhere on the page (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

By testing how your ads perform in different positions, such as absolute top (1) versus top (1,2,3,4), you’ll see where is the best location for advertising and ROI.

This information allows you to optimize campaigns so that they are in the best position to attract clicks and conversions.

7. Geo Targeting

impression share - Geo Targeting

Ads may be shown more if relevant to local users in a particular area. By understanding your target audience, you can use geo-targeting to deliver ads to a certain area. This will help you earn more impressions from a very relevant set of users.

8. Timed Targeting

impression share - Time Targeting

Not everyone will be online at the same time, nor will every online shopper be ready to make a purchase at the same time. Again, in-depth knowledge of your target users will allow you to determine the best times to show ads.

Not everyone is online or willing to buy at the same time. Therefore, understanding your target audience will help you determine the best time to show your ads.

For example, the ad doesn’t get many impressions at 9am, but generates a lot of clicks that cost you a lot of money. You might consider excluding 9am from your campaign to save your budget for other more productive hours.

9. Test Different Ad Extensions

impression share - google extension

Perhaps you already know and have added some extensions (Extensions) like Call or Sitelink. You should track performance and be able to test many different versions. Usually, add-on extensions are great for ads, helping to increase CTR as well as increase conversion rate (Conversion) more effectively.

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