8 web hosting features that fool customers – Web hosting is having a very fierce competition. Companies offer different types of tricks and show the types of benefits to users.

Hosting companies have become innovative in the way they have new customers. For many people no matter what type of business they operate as long as they make money with it. The goal of these companies is to care for people who don't know anything about web hosting. People who do not know anything about internet technology will not be able to guess and make decisions based on very limited information.

So they will choose the vendor with the most features or features compatible with the operating system. They may also choose the wrong supplier. Basically, they're just trying to trick people who don't know what they're buying and are trying to get as much money out of their pocket as possible. So you should be careful about who you are giving money to.

So it's time you know which stupid hosting feature is a clear sign of a bad hosting company.

Google Analytics is free


Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google, used to track website and traffic. However, these companies advertise it as free, so you don't need to pay for it. Like it's their own special feature or a special deal they made with Google just for you. Although in practice, Google only requires you to register and you do so with the Analytics software. This feature is like an ad on the bar where you get a free glass of water if you enter.

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Although, we wouldn't be surprised if some shady web hosting companies still try to do this. Therefore, it is best to be careful when you shop for web hosting services.

Support for Webalizer and Awstats


It uses page analytics that you use to track your pages. But they are actually fossils that have been replaced by Google Analytics many years ago. However, there are still hosting companies out there that are able to advertise Awstats and Webalizer as great alternatives to Google Analytics that will give you an advantage.

So stay away from a hosting company that offers this software.

24/7 email support


If you've been looking for a provider for less than 10 years, you won't know that 24/7 live support is essential for any self-respecting hosting company. However, very few provide it but that is another story. What surprises us is that hosting companies say they support 24/7 via email.

At any other company, you will want direct phone support, live chat support. The more the company takes care of its users after selling their services. Never settle for a company that lacks hosting services or advertises ridiculous things like this.

Support JavaScript and DHTML


Hosting companies like to use fancy terms that no one understands, making people think that they really have something unique. In fact, they only use it to market the same basic services you get from other hosting companies that have their servers running.

DHTML is a common term for web technologies used to create dynamic websites by incorporating static markup languages. This term was introduced in 1997 with the release of Internet Explorer. It was introduced in the '90s and some hosting companies proudly promoted it as if it were a unique feature for their service.

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Unlimited storage and bandwidth


There is practically nothing called unlimited storage space and bandwidth because there are physical physical limitations that you face. Hosting your site comes with actual costs. The company's electricity bill is no longer in operation and they also need to handle the connection most effectively. The more websites they have, the more resources they use. Start selling your own hosting service. What else would you do with unlimited resources?

However, there are hosting companies advertising the smallest packages which is unlimited storage space and bandwidth. In fact, they are limiting both and will only let you know about that once you reach a certain limit. If you do so, it may even shut down your site and the entire service. Therefore, their handling this way is very stupid. The only problem is what suppliers are still confused about on their bandwidth and unlimited storage space, so you do additional research to find out.

To not be fooled by this false ad, check the terms of service. That way you will know exactly how much disk space and bandwidth you have.

MIDI file support


Who uses the MIDI file and why? Customers really looking for it? In fact, a MIDI file is like any other file type. There is nothing special about it, especially when it comes to companies that present it as a kind of special feature. They advertise it only to those who think the best supplier is the most feature-rich. This includes features that are completely dependent on how customers use the service, such as Real Audio, Flash, Shockwave, etc.

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Support for Windows, Linux and Mac


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