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8 topics that bring the most profit to the website – People want to know a lot of information on the internet. They search for content to find something they like and solve their problems. To be successful, you will create supply to demand, but first you have to know what needs are and how to best serve them.

It will be smart to figure out exactly how you want to make money with content. Will you do that by promoting affiliate products from Amazon and other programs? Want to make money from Google AdSense like bloggers and other content creators out there.

Remember that the core aspect of content creation is to give a unique perspective on a topic.

We look at the keywords people are searching for throughout the year and have the highest payout rates. But it is highly competitive, so you will have to take the job and have something great for users.

By creating useful content according to the needs of users, you will get yourself a commission of $ 1,000 – $ 5,000 per month, by advertising or with affiliate products. First explain what Evergreen content is and how important it is to make money.

Evergreen content


Like its name, Evergreen content will keep the site blooming with income throughout the year. This is based on concern for common niches. They are based on three core benefits. It is health, relationships and money.

The market for these topics can always be tapped. For the health sector, you can create a blog about healthy food and diet, exercise, …. For sexual purposes, you create adult content or have tips that help people connect with others faster and easier. When it comes to relationships, dating tips and helpful information to handle every other relationship better.

If you are comfortable with topics and want to conduct research, rest assured that they will be profitable. To help you better understand what you write, we will display a list of the most searched keywords and topics. Perhaps you will find the perfect fit for yourself.

Remember that these niches are based on data from Google AdSense. It is very reliable but does not include everything. These topics will rank higher than we rank them, so the most important thing to keep in mind is how well you serve the needs of your visitors.

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Health care is the most basic problem today. Everyone wants to be healthy and wants to do something for their health. However, the main thing is that there is an increased concern about health, fitness and welfare in general. People from all over the world are always seeking solutions for physical and mental health issues to lose weight or lead a healthier life.

As in the mainstream media and everywhere around you, everyone is in good health. And you do not create inaccurate content. You must at least put a lot of research into producing valuable content or having a medical background. This is important for trusting and gaining backlinks from similar sites. If you have the knowledge and experience in these topics, great. Health is a really broad topic, so you will find something that suits you.

Health tips will make a lot of money on Google. Hiring a consultant or fitness coach to have a training plan is quite expensive. Here are a few ideas to drive content creation efforts:

Vision care and eye health

Self help




Healthy food and dieting plan, Recipes for diabetics

Nutritional supplements

Bodybuilding plan

Increase testosterone levels

Relieve joint pain


The fact that people are always looking for this topic makes it a great source for AdSense revenue. But there are also high-paying affiliate products that you promote and cost hundreds of dollars, which will make a lot of profit to advertise or sell. People put health first, so people spend on this.

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Advice on relationships


People are often concerned with emotions and need advice to keep a long-lasting love story. Being good to your partner requires a lot of attention and parting with a lot of pain. So they always want to find their advice.

But relationship topics don't just mean a few things. You write about how people make better relationships with a stranger. Everyone wants to know what others think and how they make a good first impression.

IT, SEO and Social Media


About 38% of web searches are related to technology. Everything affected more and more to say. They already have PCs, tablets and phones, the problems you have the solution to. Fix computer errors and make good money if the content is useful.

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People are often interested in a product from another person's point of view. They always want to read some product reviews they are looking to buy. So, writing reviews with links is also a pretty good deal and has earned billions for critics on the internet.

Write articles on a specific software like Android or Windows. Or access technology from your own unique perspective. You write about the latest technologies that will hit the market or about software you find useful for individuals.

SEO and writing are also important topics. Social media has also become a topic for many professionals, because it has created great stuff. The market a lot of people write about search optimization, creating a website quickly and easily. But not that there is no room for you. Just be aware that you need unique value types in the content.

To make it simple, here are a few ideas:

  • Guide
  • Tech news
  • IT events
  • Rumors and ideas about the future of IT
  • Technology product reviews
  • SEO techniques
  • On and off page SEO
  • Guide to social media marketing

Make money online


There are lots of quick getting rich tutorials and making money online. People are constantly looking for ways to make money online comfortably.

In this segment, which has a high clickthrough rate, is that you make a lot of money through AdSense.

Latest news and celebrities


People are interested in watching and listening to what their favorite actors, musicians and celebrities are. This is a very broad topic with many possibilities and unique ways to approach it. Write news about topics and things from everywhere as long as it fits into your field of interest.

Insurance, Forex, Cryptography and Finance


Insurance is a niche that AdSense makes the most money. That's why a lot of competition for it, but if you sell even one product, there will be a huge commission coming up. CPC ads in the insurance segment cost $ 30 per click. Although affiliate commissions earn around $ 200 or more, there's no need to emphasize the fact that it's a lucrative purpose.

But because there is a lot of money involved in insurance, it also requires a lot of knowledge and understanding. If you have a basic understanding and are interested in insurance, start with life insurance or car insurance.

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Forex is a field that also makes a lot of money. When you like trading and know a lot about it, share tips to help you make money. Expensive courses and useful information are on sale.

Cryptography is also booming with many cryptocurrencies being introduced to the world. There are at least 10 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum that are the most popular. If you are interested in investing in these currencies, you should start with this topic.

Like other topics, money is approached from many different angles. Write budget plans or budget tips that are useful for college students.

Expensive hobbies that people care about


A great place to make money is to target hobbies where people spend a lot of money. Hobbies like travel and activities like hunting, fishing, boating, skiing and golfing are all quite expensive. People are not afraid to spend a lot of money on these hobbies, so they will be the main goal. Cruises, safaris and tours are the things that people spend a lot of money on, so it's a prime target.

Even if you enjoy spending time out in the woods, hiking or other sporting activities you like, that's good enough. Create a great website to promote to promote the devices you have used during the last trip. For example, articles that survive and make good money by advertising axes, knives, water purifiers, etc.

3D printing is also popular, so if you like digital sculpting or an engineering degree, that's what you want to consider.

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If you find a market to be interested in, you should conduct further research. Find out which blogs and YouTube channels already exist and get what they don't offer or at least mimic their quality.

Once you've found your niche, be sure to do keyword research throughout and research the best ways to target keywords. Or read the written article. We hope you enjoy reading through this article, and we'll see you soon in the next section!

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